Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sam and Auntie Tasha

My good friend from University, also named Natasha, lives in Edmonton. We've been friends for almost twenty years now (which is a little scary to think about!). Anyways, she happens to not only be my friend but also my supervisor at work and Sam's favourite babysitter. Twiebe, as she is better known, has been hanging out with Sam one night a week almost every week since he turned six months old.

Tonight she has taken him to her house to "bake" and have a bath and generally hang out. Sam LOVES Auntie Tasha, as he calls her, and has so much fun with her. And Dave and I LOVE having a night a week to ourselves. In November and December our date nights consisted of me sleeping and Dave doing work so it has been nice to get back to more real date nights. This month we've gone out for dinner, watched episodes of Friends on DVD, done errands and tonight I packed for Sam and I for heading to Saskatoon this weekend. As you can tell sometimes our date nights are AWESOME and sometimes they just are!

Anyways, here is a picture of Sam with his Auntie Tasha. She is trying to portray a strict disciplinarian and you can tell that Sam is totally laughing at her. He knows she's a marshmallow and lets him get away with pretty much everything. We love you Auntie Tasha!

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