Sunday, February 20, 2011

Swimming fun

Sadly we weren't able to take pictures but we had So. Much. Fun! this morning. We went swimming at Millenium Place. The washrooms had a few issues so everyone was using the family changerooms which meant that we had to wait quite a while to be able to change. However, once past that little hurdle we were in the pool. I had been there once with Sam but Dave had never been. Millenium Place is in Sherwood Park and about a 20 minute drive from our house but it's definitely worth the trek.

They have a wave pool, the lazy river (where we spent most of our time), a playground type area in the pool where water splashes on you when you least expect it, and fish with seats so Sam could sit on his own and we could pull him around (which was awesome!). Dave and I also each spent some time (for me it was only two minutes) in the hot tub which was beautiful. We were in the water for about an hour and it was great!

Thankfully, when we went to change it wasn't quite as busy, so we didn't need to wait very long at all. Funnily, Sam peed as soon as we had taken his swim diaper off. Fortunately I had some towels to soak up the mess. sigh.

Then we came home and Sam and I both had long naps. I think the swimming wiped us out. But it was so much fun we're definitely going to do it again sometime soon.

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