Monday, August 15, 2011

More cousins growing up...

Pam and Nadav are married!!!!!

Pam is my cousin, the first girl cousin for me on the Krahn side. I babysat her and her brother, Aaron, every Saturday night for two years when their parents were youth group leaders. And she met her husband, Nadav, when she was traveling overseas. Nadav is Israeli, and Jewish, so it's exciting for Dave and I to have other cousins who are journeying along such a similar path!

Now for the day in pictures!

The chuppah on my aunt and uncle's yard.

Rebecca stood up for Nadav and she looked beautiful.

Uncle Vic looking proud and Pam looking amazing!

The newly married couple with their attendants.

Our new family of four, all dressed up!

Proud and happy parents of the bride.

Oma and Great-Auntie Jean with Rachel.

Sam, Dave and I danced until nearly midnight and Rachel slept in Great-Auntie Jacqui's arms. We left around midnight because we were having so much fun! Happy Wedding Day Pam and Nadav! We LOVED celebrating you!

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