Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Train of children!

Yesterday we had Naden and Tevan again. I took them to Elena's for New Mom's. Despite how it looks in this picture, Dave actually helped me schlep all four kids the three blocks to Elena's. And then came to pick us all up again. New Mom's was a little crazy because Akhila was there with Saagar and Anjali, I had the four kids, Jenelle was there with Kelsey and Elena hosted with Skylar and Saige. Having four kids under 6 months plus 5 toddlers makes it just a little busy!!! And a shout out to Jenelle for taking Tevan or Rachel for a large majority of today :) I couldn't have done it otherwise. But I also knew that someone would be willing to help out because that's just how New Mom's is.

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