Saturday, August 06, 2011

Random This's and That's

The last few days have been filled with trips into town to run errands (like buying Roughriders' gear for the whole family), shoveling manure (on Dave's end!), playing outside (on Sam's end) and nursing Rachel (on my end). Nothing too too exciting :)The pictures in this post were all taken a few days ago.

From a conversation Dave had with Deanna yesterday it sounds like our house will be ready for us to live in again by Monday night. However with Pam and Nadav getting married next weekend we will stay here until then. Especially since 1) Dave still can't drive and 2) Rachel is not the world's best traveler :)

Fresh garden produce has still been the order of the day and Man! Is it ever good!!!

Sam has been enjoying it. He also enjoys "helping" process the veggies once they have been picked. Some things, like shelling peas and eating, he is remarkably good at, and other things not so much!

Well that has been the major excitement in our lives recently. Today is Laird Days which is a big party in the town of Laird. Mom and Dad are already there and Sam, Rachel, Dave and I will join them when Sam is done napping -- in about an hour. There is a street dance tonight and I am really looking forward to that. Tomorrow should be an exciting post with pictures of today's festivities so stay tuned...

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