Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Four kids!

On Monday we watched Naden and Tevan for Sheri while she worked. It was a lot of work but fun too! I was a bit nervous because Dave had a phone meeting for about an hour in the morning so I was on my own but The Littles (as we started calling Tevan and Rachel) were both napping for most of it and The Bigs (Sam and Naden) watched a video and it all worked out okay.

Dave feeding Tevan a bottle.

Sam and Naden watching a video after their naps and eating a snack of Veggie Straws!

Tevan hanging out in the bouncy seat. He seems like super-advanced baby next to Rachel. Of course, he is also almost five months old already!

Tevan and Rachel made friends with each other :)

Proof we really DID have four kids. For ten hours. And everyone survived :)

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