Monday, August 01, 2011

Welcome to Moose Jaw!

After watching The Riders practice we grabbed some lunch and headed to Moose Jaw.
Our first adventure in Moose Jaw was a one hour tour of the city on a trolley. Sam LOVED being on the trolley and it was interesting to find out a bit more about the city.

After the trolley tour we took some pictures of Moose Jaw's famous Moose and the replica of the Snowbird plane. Then we headed out for supper and back to the hotel for bed.

A quick note here about all four of us sharing one hotel room. Rachel slept quite well in bed with Mommy -- having a six-eight hour stretch each night, which rocked! Sam, however, was quite excited about sharing a bed with Daddy and wriggled and talked and was in and out of bed and generally only fell asleep around 10:30 and was up for the day by about 7:30. Thus instead of his normal 11 hours of sleep he was only getting around 9 hours. Overall he did okay, but not great, with this amount of sleep. It is definitely tempting to get him his own room next time!

Also, with only having the space of a hotel room to play in it was a little crowded, especially if the hotel didn't have a swimming pool, which our one in Moose Jaw didn't. I think next time we travel and need to stay in a hotel we will make sure the hotel has a pool and maybe think seriously about staying in a suite too...

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