Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Quad Driving, Baking, Gardening and Laundry

It's a good thing we take pictures because then I look at them and actually remember what we did on the day I want to write about :)

So this past Friday was our first full day back at Mom and Dad's. Sam started off the day baking buns with Oma. The flour needed to be sifted and this caused untold amounts of fun for Sam! Oma lets him play with the flour and he was throwing it around and managed to throw it all over himself. With his super long eyelashes he was quite the sight!

Uncle Vic dropped by and took Sam for a ride on his quad. Sam thought that was the best thing ever!

I did five loads of laundry which is what happens when I'm not doing two loads of laundry every other day. I can't believe how many clothes our family of four goes through. I also managed to spend some time in the garden and picked all the peas. But not the sugar snap kind. Then Dave and I shelled them. It felt good to get out to the garden and help pick some of the produce we've enjoyed eating here this summer.

While I was picking peas in the garden, Oma and Opa were watering trees. At one point, just before lunch, Sam was lying on his stomach in the water under one of the trees just playing and playing and playing. He was quite the mess! But he had so much fun!

And I don't know who took these pictures of Rachel, or why, but she sure enjoyed her floor time on Friday. I think it was because she was so cooped up in her car seat or the wrap on Thursday. On Friday she was free to wriggle as much as she wanted and she sure did!

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