Monday, August 01, 2011

Prairie Sights

So Dave and I realized that after seeing the Sukanen Ship Museum there wasn't much else we wanted to do in Moose Jaw so we thought we would head back to Saskatoon early. When we got back to our hotel to see about a late check-out we were told we would need to pay for the night, even if we didn't stay. So Dave and I decided to discuss options. BUT when we got to our room it hadn't yet been made up for the day. So the manager said if we could get out in 10-15 minutes we wouldn't be charged for the extra night. So we left!

On the way home we took some pictures of our drive:

Giant tiger lilies at Chamberlain

Too bad this isn't in Waterloo, hey?

Saskatchewan towns sure have some funny signs!

Typical Prairie A&W!!! Cheering on The Riders
and surrounded by sky and wheat fields.


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