Wednesday, August 24, 2011


On the Yellowhead Highway between Saskatoon and Edmonton there are lots of signs pointing to places of interest, scenic outlooks, and other things that may entice one off of the highway and into adventure. In the past four years we have done all of them except for the Historic Telephone Museum in Mannville, Alberta. On our way home from Saskatoon we decided to stop there. Sadly the museum was closed which was rather disappointing. So we took some pictures of the outside and ate some lunch and got some diapers changed.

Closed :(

Sam did not want to take off his bib while we were in Mannville!

Rachel enjoyed some non-car seat time and LOVED watching the leaves on the tree.

I enjoyed not having to drive and getting a bite to eat in the sun!

And thus, with hopes of seeing the museum dashed, we left Mannville.

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