Sunday, August 07, 2011

Laird Days -- Fail :(

So yesterday was the middle day of the weekend known as Laird Days. Laird, Saskatchewan is a small town about half an hour from Saskatoon where my Auntie Myrna lives. We went to spend the afternoon, celebrate the CD release of my mom's cousin's band and enjoy fireworks and a street dance. Things did not go as planned...

Sam was checking out Oma's shoes and came clomping out in these mis-matched heels! Although I think he walks better in heels than I do :)

Sam and Rachel and sibling love

Rachel is a green and white fan through and through! The cowboy boots just complete the western-ness of her outfit and are a gift from Dave's aunt and uncle.

We had an excellent supper of BBQ farmer's sausage, fresh cucumbers, fresh carrots, fresh beets, fresh potatoes and strawberries and ice cream for dessert. I had two helpings of supper and three (!) helpings of dessert! I'm nursing so I need to eat A LOT! Ha ha ha!!!

After supper we were hanging out enjoying visiting and then it started to get windy and to rain. And it stormed and stormed and stormed. And we decided to forgo the outdoor street dance and to just go home. Too bad. But Dave did get some cool pictures of the sky!

Tyler holding Rachel and Christine with her granddaughter, Jessica, and Rachel.

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