Saturday, April 16, 2011

Adult weekend away!

Dave and I went to Slave Lake for an overnight away from Sam. It was the first time I've left Sam overnight, ever. We encountered some blips and some interesting sights and enjoyed watching a whole lot of Glee! The drive up to Slave Lake was beautiful and Dave and I really enjoyed and appreciated it. After an afternoon of Glee Dave dragged me out of our hotel room and we went for a walk.

We were hoping to find the Slave Lake Community Trail which the hotel had advertised but no one at the hotel seemed to know about it. So we asked at "the university" which was Northern Lakes College (and which I had thought was a high school) and they directed us to what they thought the path was. It turned out to be pretty nice as we walked along a creek to the highway.

And then we saw this sign, and these tracks, and got a little freaked out!

And we had to cross a suspension bridge which made Knut nervous so that my equilibrium was thrown off. I think if I wasn't pregnant it would have been okay... I think...

We went to Boston Pizza for supper and then back to the hotel to watch some more Glee and take advantage of the jacuzzi in our suite -- our whole reason for booking the suite. Sadly, the jacuzzi didn't work :( Here is Dave looking unimpressed. After an hour and a half of run around the front desk finally agreed that refunding us $20 on our stay was not good enough and so we paid the rate of the cheapest room they had, which is likely what we would have booked if we had even stayed at that hotel. It was very disappointing...

The next day we woke up, took advantage of brunch (Dave moreso than me!) and headed out to explore a little more. We saw the actual lake, Lesser Slave Lake, but it was frozen over, which I wasn't expecting for some reason.

Then we headed to a provincial park to do some walking. It was very pretty but unfortunately Knut didn't let me enjoy it very much so we kept it short. Normally I would have loved to hike there for a couple of hours; it was soooo pretty.

After our walk at the park we headed back into town and stopped at the Robin's Nest (or something like that) for lunch. It was a little, expensive tea house. I had a vegetarian wrap which was yummy and Dave had a quiche. I also got a London Fog which was my first one ever. It was pretty good but I couldn't finish it because it was pretty sweet.

Then we headed home. It was very good to see Sam again and I think he had a good time with my parents. Although shortly after we got home I had to give him a timeout for hitting me. Maybe he was showing his displeasure with us being gone. Or maybe he wanted us to leave again because he had so much fun with Oma and Opa! Ha!

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