Thursday, April 14, 2011

The last few days

One of the things I wanted to do while I was on maternity leave is drive less. So on Monday I walked to swimming lessons with Sam, and on Tuesday I walked with him to New Mom's at Sheri's. Sam has really been enjoying walking in his wagon and since we were having a lunch potluck and I needed to bring cut up fruit it was actually easier to take everything in the wagon. We had an excellent New Mom's, I got to hold Tevan who was two weeks old, and Sam had a blast in the wagon. Naden and Olivia even joined him in the wagon for the ride down in the elevator!

My mom and dad showed up around 3:15 and Sam was excited to see them when he woke up from his nap. That night we went to Cha Island Tea Company to hear Kessler, our landlady's son, play guitar and Sam walked all the way from there (near our Shopper's) to home. He just got into the stroller for the last block and a half. We were impressed with his walking skills.

On Wednesday Mom, Dad, Sam and I went to Costco, then Save-On, and also to Once Upon a Child to get Sam some t-shirts for summer. He is now well stocked! Then Mom made buns, Dad did a lot of dishes and Mom and Dad made real-beef stew for me to take to some friends who are either having, or have just had, babies. Dad also cooked supper. By the time the day was over Mom and Dad had been in the kitchen for about eight hours straight. Thanks guys!

Today I went to MOPS with Sam, Mom and Dad went to MEC and Dave went to work. Then I had a nap and Dad drove me to my massage on campus. I was planning on walking but we got hit with a bunch of snow. It sucked :(

Twiebe babysat Sam tonight and Mom, Dad, Dave and I went to Chianti's for dinner. I had a salad (which was very vinegary) and French Onion Soup. Knut doesn't leave me much room for pasta. Afterward I wanted a blizzard so Dad, Dave and I each got one -- a mini, a small and a medium. Guess who got which one?!?! But when we got home Sam got to eat a pretty decent portion of each one :) Tomorrow Dave and I are headed off on our romantic weekend getaway while Sam stays home with Mom and Dad. I'm looking forward to it!

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