Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter for me is always about attending services at Waterloo North. But sadly, since moving to Edmonton, that just isn't possible. And, ironically, we've only been able to get to Saskatoon for Easter JUST ONCE since moving here. This year Dave's family was visiting and we fit in a few Easter things anyways.

On the Wednesday before, I took Sam to an Easter Egg Hunt at a nearby pre-school. Sam LOVED it! He didn't even want to trade in his eggs for his prize. Although eventually I convinced him to do so. I picked a stuffed fish for him and he has slept with it every night since so I think he likes it :)

On Saturday night Dave's family dyed Easter Eggs with us. I hadn't dyed Easter Eggs in years but Dave's family had NEVER done it so I passed on what knowledge I could remember. I think everyone had fun. Sam mostly enjoyed sticking stickers on one of the un-dyed eggs.

Afterward, to have some fun, we made patterns in the little bit of snow left on our front lawn with the leftover dye. It looked kind of funky and really pretty. A bit like our own little piece of graffiti!

And here is the carton of our finished eggs, most of which I turned into potato salad for our BBQ on Easter Sunday. Dave was particularly proud of his Saskatchewan Roughriders egg!

Easter Sunday, itself, was a gorgeous day so we went swimming in the morning at Millenium Place in Sherwood Park and then had a BBQ for supper. Dave BBQd bison burgers from the market, and grilled vegetables and I made a HUGE potato salad. We ate on the back deck and it was awesome! I wore capris and flip flops outside for the first time this year and it was beautiful.

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