Sunday, April 24, 2011

Knut at 33 weeks, exactly!

So Knut is now 33 weeks, exactly! I hardly ever get a picture of me on the exact day that the week changes over but today I did. Yay me!

I've had more Braxton-Hicks this week and they sure feel weird. I don't remember them being like this with Sam. I guess I just get tighter and it feels harder to breathe. I don't remember the breathing thing being an issue with Sam. I guess Knut is just sitting in a different position!

Also notable about this picture, although you can't tell, is that I am wearing maternity capris for the first time this pregnancy, if you don't count the stay-at-home sweat-like ones my friend Hannah gave to me. It was beautiful outside today so capris were definitely called for.

I think I look A LOT bigger, suddenly, in this picture. Maybe it's just me?!?!?

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