Monday, April 11, 2011

Knut at 31 weeks, one day

So I was very confused when I couldn't figure out why my blog timing of Knut wasn't measuring up with my due date and our calendar's weekly dates. Then I realized that at some point I'd messed up on the blog and the blog was a week ahead of our calendar and our due date. Ooops :( Now, though, we should be back on track! (I hope!) I'm chalking it up to pregnancy brain :)

So today I am 31 weeks and one day. Knut was doing back flips earlier and has been making A LOT of big moves. I was super uncomfortable this past Thursday night because Knut was making such HUGE moves and rolls that it felt really strange. I try to remain happy because this is a good sign as to his/her health but it still feels pretty weird.

I've also been feeling more nauseous again in the afternoon/evenings. sigh. I was hoping to get off the Diclectin at SOME POINT during this pregnancy but it is starting to feel like even one is not enough. We shall see if this is a temporary thing or not. I haven't thrown up but I really don't want to eat a lot for supper these days.

One thing that has been really good is that Sam is healthy again and the weather is AWESOME so we have been taking lots of long walks. That makes me feel really happy because I felt like I was getting no exercise this past winter. (And I wasn't!) Now I feel like Sam and I are getting some good outside time and I'm telling myself that my muscles will stop hurting once they get used to walking again. Right!?!?!?

Anyways, here is today's belly picture. I can't believe I and Knut still have 9 weeks (give or take a few weeks on either side) to grow. I feel HUGE these days and I think I look it too!

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