Thursday, April 07, 2011

Fire on Whyte Ave

It seems like an apartment above the Cut 'N Curl near the corner of Whyte Ave and 99th Street caught on fire early this morning. I heard sirens around 4am and thought nothing of it until my friend Natasha e-mailed me and said the fire had also affected Langano Skies, an Ethiopian restaurant next door.

Also this morning, I had been trying to call Empress Bakery to order some French bread for today but was not receiving any answer. So Sam and I walked by to see what we could see. This was at about 12:15pm today. Needless to say, Sam was THRILLED to see firetrucks and firefighters in action. Traffic was a mess since half the block is closed off. And it looks like all the businesses from the Coin Laundry on the corner through to K&K Foods were closed. Hopefully they can re-open soon...

Getting to see the firefighters spraying water (or chemical stuff? I don't know) on the fire.

You can't see a lot of damage but I'm sure it isn't pretty inside. Hopefully no one was hurt.

PS. You can click on any one picture to see it bigger.

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