Thursday, September 28, 2023

Monthly Musings: Fall/Hallowe'en Fun

As always, since it's the last Thursday of the month, I'm linking up with Holly at Pink Lady and Patty at Good, Better, Best for one of my favourite posts of the month, Monthly Musings. This month we're talking Fall and Hallowe'en fun.

1) Favourite fall traditions
Some of our favourite fall traditions are the LUMEN festival (which we attended this past weekend), doing an art walk in our neighbourhood (which is happening this weekend), and attending a Blue Jays game. And of course, I love the weekend I buy my fall mums!

2) How do you celebrate Hallowe'en?
We are in that stage where our Hallowe'en traditions are changing as our kids get older. Last year Rachel went trick or treating on her own (with Dave and I as company) and Sam ran a haunted house with his friends. I'm not sure yet what this year will look like but I'm sure Rachel will want to trick or treat. One thing that won't change is Dave and I will still enjoy our "candy tax." This is when we force the kids to give us some of our favourite candy from their stash!!!
3) Favourite fall recipes -- please share links.
I think some of my favourite fall things to make are homemade applesauce (if I have access to local apples) and steamed pumpkin to freeze. I just made almost three litres of applesauce last night which I'm really excited about. And we have a really good pumpkin pasta recipe with sage leaves. You can find a similar recipe here but the recipe we have uses pumpkin instead of squash.

4) Favourite fall fashion pieces
I've really been enjoying my cardigans this fall. I like the fact that I can layer them with t-shirts and take them off when it gets warmer in the afternoons. I don't have a recent picture of me wearing my cardigans but I really love this soft green one right now.
5) How do you decorate for fall?
With chrysanthemums. I don't do any decorating in the house, although I do get a bouquet of sunflowers once in awhile. I haven't done that this year yet.
These are my mums from last year but they look pretty much the same this year!
I have a lovely mum/hot pepper planter on our outdoor table and then a bigger planter by our back door. And we've switched to our fall back door mat! 

6) Pumpkin spice? Oh yes or over it?
I don't know if I can even say I'm "over it" because I never was on the pumpkin spice bandwagon. I really don't get the pumpkin spice thing.

This meme made me laugh. A lot!!!

7) Thoughts on candy corn?
Meh. Give me all the chocolate and leave all the other stuff.

8) Favourite fall/Hallowe'en movie?
Any fall movie on Hallmark. We've become big fans of fall Hallmark movies these past few years.

9) Apple pie, pumpkin pie, or cider donut?
I really like apple pie. It might be my second or third favourite pie after Saskatoon berry and cherry. Yum!!!

10) Bonfire, hayride, or haunted house?
I think I'd go for a bonfire. I definitely don't love haunted houses (I don't enjoy being scared) and hayrides are usually just itchy. Hahaha!

It's the time of year where I try to decide if Fall or Spring is my favourite season, and honestly, I'm so happy right now that fall just might have a slight edge. I just love this time of year!!!


  1. What type of apples did you use for your applesauce?
    I have that sweater in grey, inspired by you last year :)
    Sarah @ Toronto SAM (not anon)

  2. I've been liking fall more over the past few years! The pumpkin spice trend is pretty funny. I do like the smell!

  3. Your answers to the last question are making me laugh! :) Ok tell me about this saskatoon pie- what's in it? Sounds intriguing!

  4. I am totally with you on the fall Hallmark movies, they are so Good! Your mums are so pretty. Thanks for joining us!

  5. I enjoyed reading your answers. Fall is such a nice time of year. I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and weekend.

  6. Candy tax - I love it! And those pumpkin spice wafers, who comes up with these things? I forgot about the Hallmark fall movies - I love the picturesque Christmas towns so I'm sure the fall ones are going to be gorgeous. I'm meh on candy corn too.

  7. Yes! We used to instill a candy tax too; I miss rifling through those bags of candy at night when the kids were asleep too. LOL. They never seemed to know we ate as much a we did.

  8. I am so happy its mums season! Congrats to the Blue Jays - no post for my Sox ):

  9. I'm so glad you always do these to remind me to do them ha. It's equal parts exciting and sad as the kids get older and traditions change.

  10. Mums and cardigans...some of my favorite things about fall!


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