Monday, September 27, 2021

What I've Read Thus Far In September

I can't believe I'm so far behind on blogging. I really meant to post this in mid-September but between full-time work and the kids being back into their (mostly regular) Fall routine, blogging has fallen by the wayside. Boo. However, here is what I read for the first half of September.

People We Meet on Vacation

I really kind of loved this book. Yes, it's a typical romantic comedy but I mean, it's travel related. Also, except for the best friend who I eventually fell in love with, this book was basically my twenties. The part where they go to a random party in BC on their first vacation -- yeah, I have a story like that (without the romance and the sex)! This book just made me want to travel again.

You Should See Me in a Crown

I really thought this book was so fun. I wish I knew some high school kids I could recommend it too. It was an easy read and if you like unlikely heroine stories, which might make you cry a little, read this one.

One Two Three

This book was so well done considering Frankel wrote it from three different points of views with very distinct voices. Sometimes books with multiple narrators are confusing and this book goes against that stereotype. The story was heartbreaking but there was also hope and I really loved it.

The Comfort Book

I took this book out because, after reading a few Matt Haig books, I wanted to read everything he'd ever written. You can skip this book. It's basically a collection of writings which have inspired Haig and helped him to overcome his depression. Maybe it's because I read it straight through, but I didn't love this. I like Haig's writing but this included a lot of quotes from other people. Maybe if I'd read it at a point when I needed encouragement and comfort and stories of hope, I would have liked it better.

Family Blessings

I needed some light reading in September and I was tired of Nora Roberts so I turned to LaVyrle Spencer, another romance author, who stopped writing in the early 2000s. This story was a light, predictable read, and it was exactly what I needed mid-September when I was exhausted from work and life.

Not only has my blogging decreased now that I'm working full-time, but clearly my reading has as well. Out of all of these books I would most recommend One Two Three and then People We Meet On Vacation, but only if you like to travel :)

Do you have times of the year when you just don't read as much? My "rest of September" reading post will come early next week (I hope!) and you'll see that my reading hasn't really picked up since this. Maybe October will be better...


  1. Another great list- thanks for sharing!

  2. Gabbie and I both enjoyed You Should See Me In A Crown!

  3. Family Blessings sounds like a great read, right about now!

  4. So many people I know have liked "People We Meet On Vacation" that maybe I should get it a try!

  5. It makes me sad to say I'm kind of bored with Nora too. She just adjusts her 'formula' a little and out it comes. There's something about the way her characters talk that is similar with every book and if I read too many in a row, I can't take it ha.

  6. Glad for your review of The Comfort Book. I had put it on a consideration list for our book club a few months ago. Thought it sounded good. Always on the look out for a good inspirational, uplifting, self-help-y book.

    Pinning One Two Three to run by the gals next month. That cover is so pretty...and I do judge books by their covers!!


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