Tuesday, September 07, 2021

One Sentence A Day: August 2021

Welcome to One Sentence A Day for August. We spent the first part of this month enjoying visiting my parents in Saskatchewan and I spent most of the rest of the month working. It was an abrupt ending to summer :)

1- Sunday -- It was a relaxing day in Saskatchewan, although Dave did do some "road work"!

2 - Monday -- We got a lot done this day including shoveling bark mulch and trimming trees and eating rollkuchen!

3 - Tuesday -- We did a mini road trip around Saskatchewan and saw some twisted trees, a national historic site, and did a ferry crossing of the North Saskatchewan River.

4 - Wednesday -- We got ready to see family and hugged my cousins and my aunt!!!

5 - Thursday -- We had a very full day of visiting and laughing with family.

And we ate Low Country Boil!!!

6 - Friday -- We had a very quiet, recuperative day and it was exactly what we needed.

7 - Saturday -- We made homemade ice cream using my grandpa's ice cream maker from 1915 and it was delicious.

8 - Sunday -- Dave wasn't feeling well this day but the kids and I shoveled a ton of mulch.

My dad is an excellent bartender and I enjoyed daily Happy Hour drinks!!! 

9 - Monday -- Dave still wasn't feeling well, I diagnosed him with dehydration and made him drink a lot of water, and he started to improve significantly. (Second sentence: It was this morning that we started panicking about our upcoming flight and wondering about Covid tests...)

10 - Tuesday -- We packed, we made more ice cream, we got sad about leaving Saskatchewan.

11 - Wednesday -- We flew home and it was a rough day.

12 - Thursday -- We tried to settle back in at home -- unpacking, grocery shopping, and sleeping.

13 - Friday -- The kids went to a PJ Party at the pool and Dave and I had a date!

14 - Saturday -- I did a lot of overdue yard work in the front yard.

And we sorted out all Rachel's dance uniforms for the upcoming season.

15 - Sunday -- We went swimming in the late afternoon and the kids did not want to leave the pool.

16 - Monday -- It was a full day of swimming, tennis, dance, and ball for the kids and driving them to all the things for me.

17 - Tuesday -- It was my last day of summer vacation (boo) but I didn't know that until 10am this day.

17/18 - Tuesday/Wednesday -- Our fire alarm went off twice (for no discernible reason) at 11:50pm and 12:40am so I had to call 911 and firefighters came to inspect our house for smoke and carbon monoxide. (More sentences: They didn't find anything, deemed our house safe, and suggested it might be our expired smoke detectors which Dave replaced the next day. Ugh.) 

Firetruck at our house at 1am. 

18 - Wednesday -- Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's back to work I go!

And Sam had his last baseball game of the summer.

19 - Thursday -- I worked all day, was exhausted from working and the Tuesday/Wednesday middle of the night craziness, so I had a nap and then went to bed early.

20 - Friday -- This day ended an incredibly exhausting week so we celebrated with ice cream.

Rachel worked really hard on her dance exam classes all week.

21 - Saturday -- Rachel had her dance exam in the morning and then we walked to Tim Horton's for iced lemonade and doughnuts and then we walked to the library and for ice cream in the afternoon.

22 - Sunday -- It was a full day of grocery shopping, muffin baking, and getting ice cream.

I got a new lunch bag!!!

23 - Monday -- I worked a full day and had two interviews for permanent hours.

24 - Tuesday -- It was a super hot day and we picked up our CSA share.

And I went running in the morning.

25 - Wednesday -- I got a permanent position at 28 hours a week!!!!!!!!!!

My family bought me this beautiful fall planter as a congratulations' gift.

26 - Thursday -- It was another hot day and we were just about to go to the pool when it started thundering :(

27 - Friday -- Today was a great day with more excellent work news and Dave and I enjoyed a walk to the library.

28 - Saturday -- We spent three hours at the pool and ended with pizza in our backyard and it was perfect!

29 - Sunday -- We walked uptown for supper after a day of getting things done and then barely made it home before a massive thunderstorm hit.

30 - Monday -- It was my first day at a new school and I unpacked all the office supplies and started getting to know people.

31 - Tuesday -- We had a meeting for Rachel's dance company and I am excited about this fall of dance. (Second sentence: If all goes according to plan, Rachel will be dancing in three different Nutcracker dances this year!!!)

Rachel picked out a beautiful bouquet at CSA.

In some ways, August felt like a really long month and it other ways it felt like a month of whiplash from vacation to work to everything in between.

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  1. Sounds like an amazing month for the most part- so happy to see you being able to hug your relatives again!

  2. Dehydration is no joke - it can make you feel so bad. I can tell when I'm not getting enough water - for sure!
    Hope you're loving your new job!!!!
    Lunch bag - you never grow too old to get excited over such things!

  3. What a busy month! So glad it was just a bit of dehydration making your husband feel crummy.

  4. Look at the road work crew...ha ha....love it!

    Sorry to hear about the firetruck...glad it was all ok. I know personally that is no fun.
    Have a great weekend!!! :)

  5. Your dad looks like quite the bartender. I would gladly take one of those little drinks he is mixing up. And some of your low country boil. Mmmm, mmm.

    Dehydration is scary stuff. I know with my mom, it doesn't take much for her to get in a mess. She has tummy troubles and then gets dehydrated but is afraid to drink or eat anything.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful visit with your parents. Congrats on the permanent position. Seems it would be a scary night having to call the fire department. Those were pretty flowers you got. Karen


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