Tuesday, September 28, 2021

I Spy: Week 38

Well my I Spy post for this week is only three days late so that's not bad, right? Of course, it's not yet 7pm on Monday night, and I'm already in pajamas and blogging from bed, but that is sometimes real life these days. Anyways, as always, I'm linking up with Lysha at A Camera and A Cookbook. And once again, my photos are almost all along the same theme...

Let's Play iSpy 2021

{real life}

This is "real life" in our back entry when we go from church (where friends gave us two bags of hand-me-downs) to lunch out with friends (where most of our family got belated birthday presents) to grocery shopping to home and then the car gets unloaded. This took me about half an hour to put away/clean up on Sunday afternoon.


We went to our city's LUMEN Festival -- which is a festival of light, technology, and sound. This was a musical instrument (of sorts) and it was fun to see the kids "connect" the beams of light with notes and try to make music. Only Dave was successful in playing a recognizable tune -- Mary Had A Little Lamb -- the rest of us just had fun with the sounds. 


This sculpture of light was just off of our public "square" and was one of my favourite installations. I thought it was so beautiful and fun.


These "upright" plastic columns were such a cool installation. If you stood near the columns they would hum or change colours. It was so fun to see how each column would change for each person. 

{your choice}

When we approached this installation, Rachel was grumpy and said, "I don't need to see a mixed up alphabet." Then we spent about ten minutes trying to interpret all the words. Each colour was a different word. So here you can see "art" in red, "words" in blue, and "light" in white. Then the middle word was "should" and then in different colours were about six or seven other words like "question," "challenge," and "provoke." It was fun to try and pick out each word. To illustrate, I'm including a sixth "I Spy" picture of the whole installation so you can see what I mean:

As you can probably tell, we really enjoyed the LUMEN Festival and were so happy to be doing something so fun in our uptown again. I don't know if this festival is particular to our city or if other cities have something similar, but if you ever have the opportunity to attend one, our family highly recommends it!


  1. OHHH _ that looks like so much fun.
    as a word nerd, I would have had so much fun with that alphabet installation - my hubby would have ran screaming. He's dyslexic - but maybe he could have seen the words with them scrambled!

  2. Oh those lights are beautiful- sounds like so much fun!

  3. The Lumen festival looks like a lot of fun, and so creative! The sculpture is especially interesting.

  4. FUN! what a great night out and much more than just pretty lights. CarolG

  5. Looks like such a cool event! Great job capturing it.

  6. Beautiful! This is such a fun festival!

  7. That Lumen festival looks so neat!!

  8. Those pics are great, I love all your Lumen pictures. :)


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