Sunday, September 26, 2021

I Spy: Week 37

Yes, this "I Spy" post is a) over a week late and b) all focused on one particular thing. Maybe next week I'll actually post my "I Spy" post on Saturday like I'm supposed to :) Maybe by next week, our family will be back into the September (October? Fall?) routine and not feeling it so much. Maybe next week... Yes, this has been September 2021 for our family. Phew.

As always, I'm linking up with Lysha (and the other dedicated (and more timely!) "I Spy" bloggers) at A Camera and A Cookbook.

Let's Play iSpy 2021

{golden hour}

Last Saturday, we went to a Toronto Blue Jays game IN PERSON for the first time in two years!!! It was the very best experience and we LOVED it!!!!!! I thought the rays of the sun portrayed "golden hour" perfectly and, it was also very shortly after I took this picture that Teoscar Hernandez hit a three run homer which was the turning point in the Jays taking the lead and winning the game! A different kind of "golden hour" if you will :)

{action item}

The Jays' ground crew has taking care of the diamond as their "action item" and, after wetting down the base path, they can check it off their list :) 


Not only was it a "change" to see a live baseball game after two years, but we also don't sit on the 100 (field) level. Thus, seeing the game up close and personal was also quite the "change" for our family.

{cell phone}

A loaded dog with the dome in the background -- I thought this was a pretty good picture taken with my "cell phone."

{your choice}


Family selfie at the game was definitely my choice for this week. It's not the best photo but it's definitely the best memory!!!

I promise that Week 38's photos will be less baseball focused but this is one of the most exciting things to happen for our family in a very long time!!!


  1. I kind of love that all the photos have the same theme! You can tell this was a wonderful day out.

  2. Great family photo - it shows that you all enjoyed yourselves. A great collection of the event for all the prompts, well done. CarolG

  3. Great photos - looks like a great evening! I remember such fun evenings when my children were young. Baseball evenings are so fun...and the hot dogs are the best!! I'm not even a hot dog fan, but....well, those are so good!

  4. Great photos and a great outing! (I'm also a Blue Jays fan!) I find it fun when I see a theme in my photos for the prompts, although I'm not sure I've managed one with all the photos related. Maybe the week of our basement flood . . . LOL

  5. So so happy you got to go to a game. I know your heart is so happy. Great pics!

  6. I like the theme for this week! so happy you were able to have this amazing experience again!

  7. SO SO SO happy you got to go to a Blue Jays game!!!!!


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