Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Currently: September 2021

How is it already September?!?!?! Where is 2021 going??? Since it's not only September, but also the first Wednesday of the month, it's time for "Currently" with Anne at in residence.


 Oh my goodness -- it's the beginning of so many things right now. I just got hired four days a week to permanent hours after a year and a half of working as a substitute secretary for our school board! I'm so excited to get to really know, and invest in, one school. So I'm beginning to get to know the teachers and helping out with the beginning of the school year.

I recently began the Couch to 5K program so I'm beginning to run a little more these days.

Last night we had a meeting for Rachel's dance company and next week they are beginning Nutcracker rehearsals which is Rachel's first time to participate in this ballet. And Sam is beginning middle school next week!!!

So many things are "beginning" for our family right now.


Our summer has been long and wonderful but it is ending. I wanted to get a beautiful picture of the sunset but we were talking to my parents on the phone and I forgot until the last minute. Thus, you get this rushed, you can hardly see it, picture of a sunset and that kind of describes how our summer is ending -- it feels rushed and "is this really it?!?!?!" School starts back for the kids on Tuesday so yes, summer is ending.


I am loving the variety of tomatoes we're getting in our CSA (community shared agriculture) these days. I love tomatoes in general and I found these ones so visually appealing. The end of summer produce is some of my favourite food of the year.


Speaking of CSA, Rachel enjoyed picking flowers as one of our choices. She was very intentional about making her bouquet and she did a fabulous job!


This quote inspires me at work every time I go to the bathroom (hahaha!) so I am posting it here to share with all of you. It perfectly describes why I've started running and am being more intentional about getting more exercise these days. Can any of you relate to this as strongly as I can?


  1. That's so exciting - congrats on the new job!
    I've been wanting to start C25K again myself! I NEED to - lets put it that way.
    Look at that bouquet - precious!

  2. Gabbie is doing a version of the Nutcracker this year as well! Fun!

  3. Congrats on the permanent hours! Good luck the the C25K training!

  4. So many wonderful beginnings! I can definitely relate to your last photo; I am trying so hard to get fit and healthier.

  5. Congrats on your permanent position!!

  6. Love all those tomatoes! And what a great quote! Congrats on the position!!

  7. Congrats on the new job! Love that sign too- you got this! :)

  8. Love that quote/sign! Very true. And congrats on the new, permanent position. I'm currently job hunting myself!


  9. Love your responses - you had great ones for the prompts. I need to do these prompts again. Rachel's bouquet is great!!

  10. Lots of new, and fun, beginnings! Enjoy - and congratulations on the permanent position!! Yes, totally appreciate the quote!!

  11. I love your love of tomatoes. I think tomatoes are the BEST fresh fruit (veggie?) out of all of them. A fresh-from-the-vine tomato is not even the same realm as a store-bought tomato. The warmth and juice... MMMmmm love me some tomato sandwiches.

  12. Congratulations on your new job! That is wonderful news!

  13. Yes, congratulations on the permanent job! I can't believe your daughter will start practicing for the Nutcracker soon! Time is flying by!


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