Monday, May 03, 2021

One Sentence A Day: April 2021

While the Sentence A Day linkup isn't until tomorrow, there's something special coming to the blog then so this post is a day early this month :) 

Welcome to one sentence a day for April. Our province went into lock down again and baseball season started. We had our Spring Break from school and then schools moved to online learning. April 2021 felt A LOT like April 2020. And I haven't mentioned it in awhile but with my "Sentence A Day" posts, I am always linking up with Rebecca Jo and other bloggers. Check out Rebecca Jo's blog here.

1 - Thursday -- The kids' school was closed today due to... a sewage backup. (Second sentence: I wish this were an April Fool's joke.)

2 - Friday -- We watched the Good Friday service in the morning and then I read for the rest of the day.

3 - Saturday -- Pretty much the same story as yesterday: I read and watched a Blue Jays' game!

4 - Sunday -- We went to our church's Easter Sunrise service and had the first BBQ of the season. (Second sentence: And I read! Hahaha!)

5 - Monday -- After a fairly lazy weekend, I got a lot done today, including a bike ride in the rain with some friends.

6 - Tuesday -- I had three days worth of books to put away at work so it was a busy day! (Second sentence: Books have to quarantine for one week when they are returned, and the schools were closed for two days, which is why there was such a big backlog to deal with.)

7 - Wednesday -- I worked at the school I'd worked at in the winter for the day and it was good to be back.

8 - Thursday -- A retired couple at our church offered to make supper for anyone with kids up to Grade 12 and supper was AMAZING!!! (More sentences: I LOVED knowing a bunch of families in our church were eating the same meal. I felt so connected to them.)

9 - Friday -- It's the beginning of Spring Break so we celebrated after school with Starbucks and a library visit!

10 - Saturday -- Supposedly construction can happen on Saturdays (booooo) so we went for a few long walks, including at a new to us conservation area which was beautiful.

11 - Sunday -- It rained and allergies hit me hard.

12 - Monday -- It continued raining and I was still struggling with allergies, although we did go for a walk in the evening.

13 - Tuesday -- The rain ended in the morning so I hung out laundry and we spent the afternoon baking for friends -- cookies, muffins, and a chocolate cake. (Second sentence: Our one friend has been newly diagnosed with a concussion and their oven hasn't been working for the past few weeks so we wanted to support them.)

14 - Wednesday -- We went for a family hike in the evening to a new spot which was so beautiful!

15 - Thursday -- I started reading a really good book and added some more remedies to my arsenal of fighting my allergies.

Local honey and nettle tea for the allergy fighting boost.

16 - Friday -- Stricter lock down measures for a longer time were announced in our province today :(

And we finally finished our cemetery tour from last spring.

17 - Saturday -- We went for a walk at a trail we'd walked at in the winter and it took us half the time.

18 - Sunday -- We baked muffins and cooked supper to drop off for friends and we enjoyed an Amazing Race event at our university put together by a friend of ours. (More sentences: The Amazing Race was not an official event with lots of people. Each family has done it over the past few weeks at whatever time works best for them.)

19 - Monday -- The kids had their first day of online learning (although it was asynchronous) so we walked to the library and grocery store AND I was able to book a vaccine appointment!!!

We had a really delicious charcuterie board for supper. YUM!!!

20 - Tuesday -- My allergies were AWFUL today and I felt like a truck had hit me although I revived in time for an excellent book club discussion.

21 - Wednesday -- I tried new allergy meds today (which seemed to help) and the kids and I walked to the library. (Second sentence: Yes, we go to the library A LOT although now it's just to do curbside pick up of books which have come in.)

22 - Thursday -- We walked to the fish store to get fish for supper but then ended up ordering McDonald's last minute. (Second sentence: Some days are like that.)

I baked muffins and prepared food for potato salad in the morning.

23 - Friday -- I GOT MY FIRST VACCINE TODAY!!!!! And I planted my window boxes :)

24 - Saturday -- It was Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon!!!

25 - Sunday -- It was a grey cold day so we read, watched the Blue Jays game, did our taxes, and I napped.

26 - Monday -- This was a hard day for me emotionally -- I'm so done with allergies, lockdowns, and not having work right now and it all hit extra hard this day :(

27 - Tuesday -- I had a really hard morning (read: I was a crying mess) and then I got a call in the later afternoon to work for a week which helped soooo much.

28 - Wednesday -- It was my first day at the new school and, as always, there was a learning curve :) 

29 - Thursday -- I really don't remember this day -- I worked, it was rainy, nothing out of the ordinary happened.

30 - Friday -- After supper, I had a major chocolate craving so Dave and Rachel went to the grocery store and brought back chocolate cookies and Lindt balls :)


  1. I love the monthly wrap-up. These pictures are so sweet.

    I don't have allergies but do have some minor stuffiness this time of year. I use Saline to put up my nose and that helps. :)

  2. Love your family hike pics, so fun! Best part has got to be that vaccine in your arm!!

  3. We go to our library a few times a week too; we can have one person from the family go inside but we only pick up whatever we have on hold and any returning books have to quarantine for 4+ days.

  4. Sorry to hear that you have gone into another lock down, it really feels like we've been through this too many times already doesn't it? We are just easing out of ours but I'm not convinced that people won't get careless again and we'll be back in lockdown again by the end of the summer.

  5. I really need some of your baked goods, yum!

  6. The school's sewage backup, what a stinky sounding mess. The Grand's school is up for being closed due to sewage problems & the cost to have repairs done. That table of books looks like some interesting reading for the young ones. I got several new books to read to the Grand's that I hope they like when they come visit this summer. Honey is good for everything. A coworker gave me some & I put a spoonful in my morning coffee as the sweetener instead of sugar. I have a honey fudge recipe that's good & we use to sell it at the farmer's market. The recipe is 4 ingredients & uses honey instead of sugar. The window flower boxes are lovely. It's still too cold here too plant anything outside. The 1st week of June is when we'll be able to put plants out. Oh Gracious, I have chocolate cravings most everyday, it's a battle since I'm trying to eat less of everything overall. I enjoyed reading your April scoop. Karen

  7. I'm really hoping things get better for you. I totally understand how all these things can just bring you down.

  8. So happy that we are all able to start visiting our libraries again. Things are beginning to feel more like normal. Sorry that you guys are under stricter lockdown again. Surely not for long.
    We have been sneezing over here, too. Very strange spring. Super hot early on, then a frost, and now warm with terrific winds. Hard on our allergies, too. Your window box looks lovely. I have always wanted a window box. Finally tried planting snap dragons in a pot this year so I could have some flowers!!


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