Saturday, May 15, 2021

I Spy: Week 19

As I've been doing almost every Saturday in 2021, I'm linking up with Lysha at A Camera and A Cookbook for I Spy. Spoiler alert: This week features a lot of Rachel and a lot of dandelions!

Let's Play iSpy 2021

{Selfie (Spring) – quarterly pic}

What says "spring" more than a selfie lying in a field of dandelions?!?!? I'm laughing because I felt really dumb taking this picture, but I really wanted to be surrounded by dandelions! Hahaha!


We don't really eat "nuts" so I took a picture of something which is driving me "nuts." The construction. I am sad I can't hang laundry out during the week. I am sad that this big renovation is really reducing the afternoon sun in our backyard. The construction workers are rude to me and don't seem to care that, while this is their worksite, this is my home. I'm frustrated that we're under a lockdown so we can't escape the construction -- Dave has been working a new job since it started and the kids have dealt with two months (and counting) of trying to do online school with all the construction next door. This has led to headaches for the kids, and some days of not being able to do school at all because of the noise :( I'm frustrated by the fact that yesterday when we were out working in the front yard, the chemicals from the porta-potty were wafting across our yard. None of this is pleasant and it's driving all of us "nuts"!

Also, at the rate it's going, they'll likely be working on the house through the summer. Yay?!?!


These are stickers that Sam put on his car window during a road trip we took about five years ago. They used to say, "SAM GO JAYZ GO." Clearly, we need to take them off one of these days... (Also, you can see the porta-potty from the construction on the right side of the picture.)


This might be more purple than blue, but we also have pansies that are definitely way more purple, so in comparison, this one is "blue"!

{Your Choice}

I'm going to do a whole blog post on this, but I turned Rachel into the Queen Of May with a dandelion crown, and she LOVED it!


  1. I love your dandelion selfie!

  2. Love Rachel in her crown, so pretty.
    So sorry that construction is so annoying and disruptive!

  3. That construction sounds awful. Are you able to talk to your neighbor or call the construction company? :( Love all the flower pictures!!

  4. Love how you use these to share parts of your life!

  5. Oh Natasha, I feel for you dealing with the reno. WE had almost 2 years of the same thing. IT WILL END... in the meantime yeah, go nuts! Love the photo of Rachel/dandelions, and you/dandelions -such fun.

  6. What a fabulous selfie! I am so sorry that construction is driving you nuts; we have a new house going up just two houses over but we're excited about it since my mother in law will be moving in there as soon as it's done. (plus I'm not in a lockdown and can get away for part of the day most days)

  7. I love your selfie! Perfect pic for spring. Really cool shot for sticker.


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