Tuesday, March 02, 2021

One Sentence A Day: February 2021

Well, February started with our province in a strict lock down, the kids entering their fifth week of online schooling (and being pretty much over it), and me working part-time from the school and part-time from home. We were just trying to make it through winter and this slog of Covid craziness. How did it end? Read on to find out :) As usual I'm linking up with Rebecca Jo and friends.

1 - Monday -- It was a busy work day and I followed it up with a family walk to the library, a last minute supper of take out pizza, and another walk to pick up our local eggs which get delivered to the school parking lot. (Second sentence: Then I went to bed!)

2 - Tuesday -- I worked from home and helped Rachel celebrate "World Tutu Day."

3 - Wednesday -- THE KIDS ARE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 - Thursday -- I had to do a really boring training at work this day and our supper (Indian takeout) was too spicy :(

5 - Friday -- I documented a "Day In The Life" this day as it was the last day of working from home and online learning for awhile. (Second sentence: You can read it here if you're really interested!)

6 - Saturday -- It was the first day of the #24in48 readathon and I woke up at 5:30am and read for fourteen hours this day.

Rachel joined me for some reading in the morning.

7 - Sunday -- I finished the readathon at about 9:15pm, exhausted but happy.

8 - Monday -- THE KIDS WENT BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!

9 - Tuesday -- I did a workout video and Dave and Rachel went to Costco and picked up photos for the last time ever :(

10 - Wednesday -- I am learning all sorts of new things at work this week but I am also really tired.

I also documented much of this day in a "10 On The 10th" post which you can read here.

11 - Thursday -- We had a family walk to the library and were all grumpy by the end of it. (Second sentence: The province announced our Spring Break has been pushed back a month. Ugh.)

12 - Friday -- I read two whole books in the evening and it was the perfect way to kick off the long weekend.

13 - Saturday -- We went for a walk and went through everything in the playroom and it was a really good day.

14 - Sunday -- We went for a long walk on a trail and had our typical Valentines Day McDonald's supper.

Dave and I had a "date" at the grocery store! So romantic.

15 - Monday -- I baked buns, made soup, and Rachel baked a chocolate cake to take to a neighbourhood family who is struggling.

And we got a surprise pie from the man at our church. Yum!

16 - Tuesday -- It was a "weather impacted learning day," I shoveled a lot of snow, and discovered that my current position (which I've been in since December 10) is ending at the end of this week.

17 - Wednesday -- I was so EXHAUSTED this day I couldn't even manage the short walk to the school to pick up eggs.

18 - Thursday -- I did a workout this day for the first time in awhile and caught up on laundry.

19 - Friday -- It was my last day working at the school where I'd been for two and a half months and the sentiments of the staff upon learning I was leaving were so kind. (Second sentence: I didn't think I'd made that much of an impact.)

20 - Saturday -- This was a weird day of lots of shoveling, some basement organizing, some puzzle doing, some napping, and me basically being slightly grumpy all day without a really good reason as to why.

21 - Sunday -- We participated in church after a long break, Rachel baked a chocolate cake for friends, and we went on a 8.9 kilometre (5.5 mile) forest walk.

I asked a stranger to take our picture because I'm tired of family selfies.

22 - Monday -- The kids had a "weather impacted learning day" (basically "sort of online school, sort of snow day"), I shoveled A LOT, and I read an entire book.

23 - Tuesday -- I didn't pick up a job this day but I cleaned two rooms, went for a long walk with one of the pastors from our church, and Dave and I had a day date where we picked up sandwiches to go and had a chance to talk.

Also, Rachel was so happy I was home in the morning this day so I could French braid her hair and she baked cookies by herself in the evening.

24 - Wednesday -- I worked a partial day at a school I could walk to (which I loved), walked to the library and picked up coffee, and enjoyed the first amazing Spring-like day of the year.

25 - Thursday -- I got called back to work at the school where I'd been for the previous two months which was really fun!

26 - Friday -- One of our family members had to get a Covid test which meant we all had to stay home and I had to cancel my highlights and massage appointments. (Second sentence: It was NOT a good day.)

We also did a puzzle. And by "we" I mean "mostly me with some assistance from Rachel."

27 - Saturday -- An enforced day at home meant we got some more cleaning done in the basement, I did a few workout videos, and Dave and I were both slightly grumpy.

28 - Sunday -- The Covid test came back negative (WHOOOO HOOO!!!) and I had a really good phone call with a friend.

And BASEBALL IS BACK!!! I was so happy to see the Blue Jays lineup card show up on my phone. And the Jays won their first game so that was exciting!


  1. That was nice of the stranger to take the picture for you. Same looks very bundled up. :)

  2. I'm sorry you had to get tested again, but glad it all came out well. That was one nice thing about no in person school was that no one was sick!

    1. I didn't think about the fact that no one got sick during online school but you're right...

  3. I should do this one sentence a day. What a great way to track the little moments. Are all Costcos closing their photo center? Ours did. :( Love the tutu.

  4. What a great month! Covid-free and back at school.

    1. Having the kids back at school was THE BEST!!!

  5. Rachel's braids are so cute! I am a pretty good French braider but those look really good. :)

  6. Of course you made an impact!! Sorry the position ended ):

  7. What a cute little rainbow tutu, I'm guessing my Grandgirls would like one of those. Training, training, training, we have a lot of the same training at work year after year & we coworkers all have it pretty much memorized. Ours is mostly about safety. That readathon, wow, that was a lot of reading. Nice family picture on the walk, all smiling faces except the one..hehehe! Karen

    1. I think some of these trainings will be annual and I'm not looking forward to them. This one was a health and safety training and it was boring. Yes, my son likes hiding behind his masks and I decided not to fight it this time.

  8. I really enjoyed reading your post about February. So glad the Covid Test was negative. Don't you just hate being grumpy when you don't even really know why? It sure happens to me often enough. lol

  9. We are super excited when baseball begins over here, too. My husband is the biggest Cincinnati Reds fan. Good luck to your Jays.
    Love Rachel's hair. She is a cutie pie. And growing up, mama! Glad the kids were back in school. Life is quickly returning to normal around here. I hope not too quickly.
    Really cute photo of you love birds on date night at the grocery!!


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