Saturday, March 20, 2021

I Spy: Week 11

I've really enjoyed linking up with Lysha at A Camera and A Cookbook every Saturday (and sometimes on Monday!) for the I Spy Photo Challenge. Keep reading to see what I spied this week.

Let's Play iSpy 2021


After so many weekends of doing puzzles, we are "puzzled" as to which one to do next. And when to do it :)


So the only "journal" I keep is the one you're currently reading (the blog) so Rachel let me take a picture of her journal drawer. Yes, she has enough journals that they have their own drawer in her desk!


One thing I miss with Covid is that the kids haven't been bringing home art from school. I miss seeing their creative minds at work, no matter how "abstract" it was.


I actually went out specifically last night to my favourite path in our city to take this picture. This is the path I'm on numerous times a week as it takes us from our house to uptown. And look how amazing the light is at 6:15! Whooo hooo spring!!!

{your choice}

I started following our local greenhouse on Instagram which is dangerous because I took a trip there yesterday solely because of the primula pictures they'd posted. Now that the grocery stores aren't selling tulips, I wanted a centrepiece for our dining room table. We won't talk about the fact that Rachel and I walked to the greenhouse and then had to call Dave to come and pick us up because we accidentally bought all our spring flowers. Ooops :)
Look for updated window boxes coming soon-ish.


  1. Yay for flowers! Spring is here!

  2. Love those flowers and the sunlit walk!

  3. How often we get inspired and carried away - love your story about the flowers, they do look spring-y. CarolG

  4. "We accidentally bought all our spring flowers." Such a Bekah line! I wholeheartedly approve!

  5. Great pictures! The flowers are so pretty and how cute are the journals! Love the road along the train tracks!

  6. Love that view on the path and that this challenge is encouraging us to get out there and capture these favorite places to share with others. Those flowers are beautiful!

  7. So funny about "accidentally buying your spring flowers" ha!! I can totally relate- love the artwork too :)

  8. That's so funny that you accidentally bought the flowers!

  9. Love your path shot! I'm with you about dangerous places to follow on instagram! I spend way too much money sometimes bc of it. ;-)

  10. Love the flowers!


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