Friday, March 19, 2021

Completely Blank

I am looking ahead as to what to blog about over the next few weeks and, besides a few linkups I participate in, I am drawing a complete blank. I even tried Googling "blog post ideas" with no luck. (I don't have "great tips for saving money by growing your own herbs" or "the best make up products for spring.")

Thus, I'm turning to you for help. Do you have any questions for me which I could answer in a blog post? If your question gives me an excuse to write a lengthy answer, I'll answer it in one blog post. Or I'll answer a bunch of questions in one blog post.

Any burning questions for me that you've always wanted to know the answer to? Ask away!

Blog post ideas, which aren't questions, are also accepted :)


  1. I have questions....
    How do you navigate an inter-faith marriage? Do you all go to both churches? Which one do the kids gravitate towards?
    Are you still a vegetarian? What are you able to eat and not eat? How do you get enough protein?
    How do you decide where you are going to travel? Is there a certain website that you use to book hotel stays? Travel seems too overwhelming to me and I could use some tips (for when things open back up).
    Love you girl! xoxo

  2. What breakfasts do you like to make?
    Special traditions for springtime?
    What are your kids interested in now? Books, sports, etc.
    Ideas for reducing waste.
    Favourite songs - linked to different moments in your life.
    Restart your newsletter with your kids as contributors.

  3. I am kinda in a funk too - need to figure out some NY adventures.
    How about things that are different Canada to the US?

  4. Tell us a story about your childhood

  5. SAME, FRIEND! I might have to steal any good ideas you get! :)

  6. Feeling your same pain, especially since pulling back on how I was blogging. It's hard to think of things when there are so many great ideas off the table for now. And I may or may not keep an eye on this list for some inspiration! (I wish I had some for you...if I think of any, I'll come back!)

  7. Your favourite stores, places, outings in the KW region, recipes for your favourite foods eg your challah bread, all about charities that you like to support?

  8. I'm so impressed you are still blogging! I have been in a blog blank for about a month and nothing has inspired me enough to pull out of it. I hope you find some good content and then I can be inspired to blog about it, too! Also, I second Kelly-Belly's comment about that I'd love to read more about your vegetarian diet. I have a huge number of vegetarian friends now and I'm so impressed by the healthy diet. What decisions led you to be vegetarian? Do you modify meat recipes (e.g. stews) or just avoid all together? Does Dave or the kids eat meat and if so, how do you navigate that in the house?


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