Saturday, February 20, 2021

I Spy Photos: Week 7

My I Spy post is coming late this week because I got held up by the "selfie." I wanted to take it during daylight and when I had clean hair. This means I needed to take it this morning after I'd shoveled and showered! Anyways, read on to see this week's photos. For this week's big surprise, there are actually no pictures of tulips! Hahahaha!!!

Let's Play iSpy 2021 


It was slow going with all our snow on Tuesday, but this shows that Rachel and I slowly, but surely, made progress towards clearing everything.



Stacks of books everywhere is a sign that we've just returned from a library visit. I wish I'd gotten a picture within five minutes after we'd gotten home. You would have seen Sam and Rachel both sitting and reading and surrounded by books.

{picture of a picture}


I really wasn't sure what I was going to do for this photo until it hit me to take a picture of our travel wall. The waterfall is actually a canvas Dave and I had made from a photo we took on our Iceland trip a few years ago.


I really wish I could have taken the selfie next week after I've had a hair appointment! However, here I am with my pandemic hair and wearing my Blue Jays bunnyhug ("hoodie" for you non-Saskatchewan people) to celebrate the fact that Spring Training started this past week!!! Baseball is *almost* back!!!

{photographer's choice}


This week my photographer's choice was an attempt to capture the HUGE icicles growing off of our roof. It probably isn't a good sign to have icicles but this one is enormous every winter, and this year is no exception.

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  1. Woohoo look at those icicles (our eyeballs are melting in 30 deg C heat), stunning pic.

  2. Those are super huge icicles! I have been noticing so many icicles around everywhere this winter.

    1. I was noticing them on a lot of other houses too which was making me feel better about the ones on our house. I always feel like it doesn't bode well for your roof if you have icicles, but that could just be me :)

  3. I love icicles like that! Great art wall.

  4. Problematic hair made me smile. I just had my haircut too. Hooray for baseball!

  5. Oh my goodness, you guys got so much snow! Shoveling is always such a big job!! How much did you end up getting?

    Stacks of books make me so happy.

    I LOVE that you have a travel wall!! How COOL!

    I like your selfie. I love the real, what you look like in the moment selfies, versus the filtered, doesn’t even look like you selfies you see so often now-a-days.

    Wow! Those icicles are huge!

  6. LOVE that zebra painting! Do you know the artist? Did you purchase while in Kenya? So gorgeous.

  7. Love your travel wall! I know the feeling about clean hair and pics. haha! You look awesome and love your sweat shirt!


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