Wednesday, July 17, 2019

What Makes It Home?

Today is a day we've been waiting for since March, and dreaming about since last September. We're heading out on our summer vacation today. We're visiting three provinces, one territory, one state, some good friends, and lots of family. We. Can't. Wait!!!

As we leave home behind for a little, I thought I would reflect on what I love about where we live. This post has been swimming around in my head for almost four years now. What the what?!?!? Yes, in September 2015, my friend Bekah wrote a post about what she loved about where she lived. And I wanted to do the same thing. You can read Bekah's original post here.

So here are some of the places which make this feel like home to me. And one of the things I love about where we live is that most of these places are within a twenty minute walk of our house.

Our library
Those of you who know me well are not at all surprised that our library is the first thing on my list. We go there multiple times a week. And usually have about fifty (or more) books out at any one time.


My friend, Angie, started a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) about twelve years ago. We joined up as soon as we could. We LOVE getting fresh veggies (and eggs and flowers) every week in the summer. It has introduced us to so many fun vegetables that we never would have tried otherwise.


This is our favourite sandwich place. I always get one of these sandwiches during my readathons and Dave and I love picking them up as a special treat.

Our Starbucks

Yes, we have our favourite Starbucks that we love to go to. We don't go as often as we used to but it's still a special treat.

Our trail

I am always on this trail -- sometimes multiple times a day. It gets me from our house to uptown so we can go to the library, credit union, Starbucks, public square, and more in just a short walk. We often run into people we know on this trail. I cannot overstate my love for it!!!

Our ice cream place

It's just a Baskin Robbins but it's our go to place for ice cream whether it's February or July.

Our public square

Our public square is the best thing ever. Whether it's set up as an ice rink in winter or a Raptors' viewing party in the summer, there is always something going on there.
It's even where we go to have Channukah on the Square.
So this is all just a part of what makes our city feel like home. The other thing I love is that our city really feels like a small town. Almost every time we are out and about we run into someone we know and I love it.

I'm really excited to head out on our vacation but I am also looking forward to coming home again and enjoying some of my favourite places.

What makes your town/city feel like home? What are your places?


  1. That's awesome! We're still learning to feel like home in Dallas, but we're reviving our local podcast to help. :) Have a blast on your vacation!!

  2. I am amazed at everything you can walk to! In 20 minutes, I'd still be inside my neighborhood, ha. Your town looks so fun, I'm stealing this post idea!!

  3. I love your town and especially love your trail that you can walk to everything! I'm always surprised by your love of Starbucks because you seem the antithesis to the stereotypical Starbucks lover (I mean that as a compliment, btw, I find stereotypical Starbucks lovers to be annoying).


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