Thursday, July 11, 2019

#tbt: Summer 2019 Week 1

A few years ago (okay, like in 2015!) I wrote blog posts summing up what we had done for every week of the summer. I wanted to try it again this year to remember these simple summers. Some weeks I may have a lot to share and some weeks, not so much! And I'm already a week behind so here's my #tbt to the first week of summer. Ha!
Rachel celebrated her first morning of summer break by creating a unicorn out of Cheerios on her place mat! Slower summer mornings mean we don't have to rush which is awesome.
We spent our first morning of the summer renewing the kid's passports and riding the new LRT. We also stopped by Dave's work to play video games and convince him to take us out for lunch :)
I had to work for a few hours this day so Rachel enjoyed having the white board upstairs and drew a message for her teachers. (The white board is really big so it usually lives in the basement but I needed it for the "end of school" pictures.)
I told the kids that just because it was summer, it didn't mean that they got to slack off for two months. We have set up some summer expectations about making their beds, clearing dishes, drying dishes, and helping with supper. The first night they made supper on their own so we were off to a good start!
PS. The Lego is still all over the basement and this was two weeks ago now. Ugh.
To get people excited about the LRT, it was free to ride for the first week and a half. This evening we rode the entire circle and got some groceries. It was really fun!

We celebrated our eleventh anniversary by going to a Blue Jays game. With the kids. We also check out the Union Market which a newer blog friend, Sarah, had raved about. We're now on the Union Market bandwagon! It was delicious!!!
The next day we had our belated Father's Day celebration. We made a veggie breakfast casserole and ate outside. Dave drank a beer and mowed the lawn. I think he had a good day. Ha!
While Dave and I were doing things outside, the kids independently pulled out the painting stuff. I was really impressed with a) how long it kept them entertained (a few days) and b) how great they were about cleaning it all up every time. Dave and I barely had to do anything. Score!!!

Our Canada Day was kind of boring but we did have strawberries and ice cream for breakfast (which we normally have on the first day of summer vacation but I forgot to get the key ingredients -- ooops!), and I drank out of my Canada mug.
Our pool has started doing a new program called AquaFun and the activities change every day. This day was swim team so the kids worked on strokes and Rachel started to learn the basics of diving. She was more of a belly flopper but she still loved it!
We also made time for playing with friends, more swimming, a few more errands, some reading and relaxing, and a day of baseball camp for Sam. Then the kids headed off to Dave's parents for a few days and Dave and I did adult things like working and trying to finish off Grey's Anatomy Season 2. Fun times!

Come back tomorrow to see what Week 2 of summer held :)


  1. I love seeing pool pictures. The water looks so inviting.
    That is great that you have a train nearby. That would be so fun to ride it all the time. :)

  2. I haven't been "home" since Father's Day so I haven't had a chance to try out the LRT yet but I hope to try it out soon!

    Happy (belated) anniversary!

  3. Drew pretty much taught herself to dive and flip and I'm super impressed because she is definitely my timid child. Rachel looks so cute in her Blue Jays hat! We only have 3.5 weeks of summer left EEEEEEEK!


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