Monday, July 15, 2019

Summer 2019 Week 2

Week 2 of our summer was more scheduled than the first week. The kids spent the first part of the week (Friday and Saturday) with Dave's parents. When we picked them up, we all went for ice cream.
The kids didn't even get in the door before they started picking Saskatoon berries!
Sunday, we had an impromptu lunch and swim date with friends and then Monday, the kids started a week of participating in a full day VBS. This is the fourth year they've participated in this one and they LOVE it.

It was also the week the daylilies started blooming and I had to start getting strategic about laundry hanging :)
One of the fun things about this week is that we were on for watering the school garden. We did our first watering on Tuesday night.
Besides all this, I enjoyed some aqua fit at the pool, Sam finished off his baseball season, we did a lot of bike riding, and Dave and I finished off Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy. It was a fun week!

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  1. 1) What are saskatoon berries? 2) I HATE laundry that doesn't go through the dryer - so funny that you love line drying your clothes considering how much I hate it haha.


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