Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Summer 2019 Week 3

I tried to publish this post earlier today (Monday), but the internet in Northern Canada is a little flaky.

Summer Week 3 brought the trip we've been waiting for since March. Whoooo hoooo!!! But first we had to do some yard work...
...and go swimming at the pool and eat ice cream treats.
The kids and I did errands in the mornings, and packed for our trip, and then in the afternoons, they played with Willem.

Finally, it was time to leave on our trip. Whoooo hoooo!!!
First up was a flight to Saskatchewan. I got to see a lightning storm from the plane so that was really cool!

On Thursday morning we did lots of errands to get ready for our road trip -- buying some activity books, obtaining some snacks, and picking up our rental car. On Thursday afternoon we were hanging out on the deck having happy drinks when a windstorm started.
The kids ran inside, Dad and Dave went to move all the cars indoors, and Mom and I cleared everything in from off of the deck. I heard some creaking and cracking, and I went inside. Then two branches of the big tree fell. Thankfully they didn't cause any damage, or hit Mom, or break the roof.
On Friday morning before we left on the first leg of our journey, Rachel learned to work the coffee machine. She can make cappuccinos, get coffee, and clean it.
Sam, meanwhile, made a good dent in Oma's peaches.

And that pretty much defines Week 3 of our summer -- hanging out at home, getting ready to travel, and spending too short an amount of time in Saskatchewan.

To read about Days 3 through 5 of our trip go here.

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  1. Those are awesome photos of the kids with their ice cream! Christmas card worthy!


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