Monday, July 08, 2019

July and August Goals

I don't know what happened in May and June but I never got my monthly goals posts written. And now it's July 8th and I'm just posting this. I do have to say, I've felt at loose ends these past couple of months not having written down goals to accomplish. Anyways, without further ado, here is what I'm hoping to achieve these next few months.

1) Try a Style Sudoku (find out more here).

I first read this about on Bekah's blog and I was originally going to try it in March but our weather is too variable so I am going to try it for the last few weeks of August instead. Wish me luck :) I just need to figure out what my items are going to be...

2) Read books off my personal TBR.

It's getting out of control again and although I usually make library books a priority, given that they have due dates and all, I am going to try and read on vacation for three weeks without taking library books. I'm hyperventilating a little at the thought of it but, between getting books I can leave behind as I read from our local little libraries, and my personal TBR, I think I can do it. (Aaaaaahhhhh!)
How much can I read off this pile in three weeks?

3) Floss daily.

Flossing daily for a month was not enough to instill a good daily habit (WHAT!?!?!), so I'm going to try and stay on top of it for the next seven weeks and see how that goes. Blargh.

4) Do half an hour to an hour of yard work per day.

Remember how our yard looked so awesome in May, I wrote a blog post about it? You can check it out here if you want. Well, it turns out you need to do more than once a season yard maintenance. Blah. Some of the worst parts of our yard are pictured below and I really hope I can get on top of them before we leave on vacation. (And stay on top of them once we get back.)
Yes, supposedly there are some annuals in these beds. Pathetic :(

5) Work on drinking more water.

I've been doing fairly well with this but I think I want to try and up my water to two litres a day. In this heat, that should be a good amount.

6) Wear sunscreen regularly.

Okay, I grew up in the era where my mom was putting baby oil on herself to get a better tan. Sunscreen would have been laughed at. So while I'm fairly good about putting sunscreen on my kids, I'm not very good at putting it on myself. I'm trying to get better but I need to be even more intentional about it. We've already gone through almost one bottle of sunscreen this summer so that's a good sign :)

7) Get the house cleaned top to bottom before we leave. Relatedly: Go through the kids' rooms and the playroom.

I really want to come home to a clean house. And I want to come home to a de-cluttered house. Now honestly, on July 1 and 2 we went through Sam's room and started Rachel's room. And Rachel and I (mostly) finished her room yesterday. Also, Dave cleaned a lot of the house this weekend (except for the playroom, basement, and office) so this is a bit of a cheat goal. But it's been keeping us busy, and knowing that I wanted it as a goal, was quite motivating!

And yes, Dave did the actual house cleaning but I went through each room and just got rid of stuff -- a dead plant, crafts from last summer, dusting -- you know, all that stuff which just accumulates.
Speaking of "stuff," the playroom still has end of school supplies in it. Argh. 

8) Bike to the pool as much as possible.

This is maybe more of a goal for August but now that the kids know how to bike, I want to see if we can bike to the pool this summer. I think we can make it work.

9) Start (and finish!) the kids school year books.

When I was going through my basket on my organizer back in January I realized I had two school years books for each of my kids which I haven't done a single thing with. I'm embarrassed :( So I'm going to try and catch them up before a new school year starts. That should be do-able right?!? I have old school projects (and the blog!) which should help me remember everything. I hope.

So this is what I'm hoping to accomplish in July and August. We're headed off on a three week vacation for part of the time so I decided to combine my goals for these months into one post. Do you have any advice? Words of encouragement? Commiseration?! Everything is welcome :)


  1. I just finished 4 months of invisalign which required me to brush and floss after eating EVERY TIME. Which is at least 3x per day, sometimes 5 (ha!). If you want to start a flossing habit this is your best bet! haha. Now that I'm done I'm down to just once per day and now suddenly it doesn't seem like enough!

  2. Can't wait to hear what you read on vacation! And why does cleaning have to happen constantly? I finally started flossing last year and while I don't do every day, I went from going MONTHS without flossing to flossing multiple times/week - I call that a win!

  3. I can't believe how far behind I am on commenting on your blog. I figured out the reason I can't comment on my phone is because your comment box isn't a pop-up and somehow my phone won't accept it as a widget within the page.
    Goal thoughts:
    1. I am always fascinating by capsule wardrobes/style sudokus, but I already wear the same 5 things on rotation (with far less creativity, essentially a uniform everyday) so if anything I need to learn to expand.
    2. I keep waiting for "there's no such thing as bad weather" to disappear from that pile. LOL.
    4. We do NOT do any yardwork. We should (we don't pay anyone to do it) but we don't, and right now we have so many weeds it our flower beds that the house looks like its in foreclosure. But it's hot and... well, it's hot.
    6. After my recent research on sunscreen, I would say if you aren't burning, you should NOT be putting on sunscreen. If you ARE burning, then yes, please sunscreen away. But if you're just getting light color, that's good for you! Remember sunscreen blocks Vitamin D.

  4. Ha ha, the yard comment---ours was looking great back in April or so, but then I got pregnant and got hit with the usual (fatigue, nausea, etc. etc.), and all of that went out the window. If it makes you feel better, our yard has WAAAAY more weeds than yours, so I'd say you're doing pretty well!

    Also, I feel like it's always harder for me to read my own personal unread books that I own than it is to read library books. Apparently I really NEED that deadline to get my reading butt in gear half the time!


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