Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Disney Cruise: Visiting The Bahamas

On the second full day of our cruise, we visited The Bahamas. We did take a look at booking some shore adventures but honestly, with four of us, we could almost take another cruise if we did no shore adventures. Also, none of them were super appealing to us. So we found free things to do online and looked forward to those things instead.
Dave tended to wake up earlier than the rest of us so he went on the top deck and captured the sunrise.
The port we stopped at was Nassau. Sam checked it out as we got ready to disembark.
 Welcome to The Bahamas!!!
I was excited to get a picture of Sam and Rachel with our actual ship.
About a fifteen minute walk from the port was The Queen's Staircase. You can read more about it here but it was basically hewn out of rock by slaves and later named in honour of Queen Victoria. It also provided some beautiful shade, a relief from the heat.
It was also a great place to take pictures :)
This is us at the base of the staircase and there was a waterfall coming down the rock face behind us.
Sam raced up the staircase and Rachel, Dave, and I took it at a more leisurely pace.
At the top of the staircase is Fort Fincastle. Since you had to pay admission to go in, we declined. We also found a lizard. Or a gekko.
Rachel loved all the pink buildings in Nassau!
We also got a family picture of us in front of our ship. Yay!
My only regret is that we didn't try to find a beach in Nassau. Unfortunately, the next day was cool and windy so we didn't swim. This would have been the perfect beach day but we were hot and tired and just wanted to get back to the ship.
We had lunch, a rest in our stateroom, and then hit the ship's pool. I loved that they had life jackets available as the water was just a little over Sam and Rachel's heads.
After the kids were done in the pool, we grabbed some pizza slices and watched a little bit of The Muppet's Treasure Island movie on the Funnelvision. This was seriously such a fun way to watch movies.
Coming up next ... PIRATES!!! Shiver me timbers and hold onto your hats!

*You can read about Day 3's very special evening here.


  1. That would be me...sitting by the pool watching a movie. :) Love the sunrise picture too!


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