Friday, February 23, 2018

This Or That

I'm blatantly borrowing this blog post idea from Bekah. You all know how much I love reading these sorts of things so please let me know if you play along too!

Cake or Cookies
I'd much rather eat cookies than cake. Give me some Oreos or the chocolate chip cookies our local grocery store bakes and I'm happy.

Call or Text
Call. I'm still fairly bad at texting but use it mostly to arrange play dates with all the kids' school friends.

Coke or Pepsi

Do you even have to ask?!?!

Dogs or Cats

 Ummm... neither :) I'm really not an animal person, which is why my excitement over the animals on our safari last summer really surprised me.

Eggs or Pancakes

Again, neither. These are two quick suppers that Dave makes for himself and the kids. And I eat salad. Ha!

Facebook or Twitter
Facebook, although I have really lost my love for it lately. It just drives me a bit nuts. I'm rarely on Facebook these days which is why you should really check me out on...

Instagram or Pinterest
all the way!!! Although I really do love Pinterest for finding fun ideas for the kids' birthdays or Valentine's Day cards or fun experiments to do in the summer.

Marvel or DC

Ugh... I am so not a comic person.

Paperback or E-book

Paperbacks all the way! I don't know that I'll ever get into the e-book trend.
Give me all the physical books!

Summer or Winter

For the season, Summer. How long until I can wear shorts and t-shirts again? For the Olympics -- Winter! Whoo hoo!!! I'm a little Winter Olympics obsessed :)

Sweet or Spicy

Sweet. I cannot handle spice. Sam puts Tabasco sauce on his eggs and let's just say, he did NOT get that from me :)

Tattoos or Piercings

At one point in my life I did think about getting a tattoo. I have since changed my mind :) However, each of my ears are pierced twice, I have my nose pierced (and it felt like a really empowering thing to do), and my belly button was pierced for about a year. And now I'm done.

Tea or Coffee

Ummm... do I really have to choose?!?!?! Coffee (with hot chocolate) in the mornings, tea in the afternoons and evenings. Remember my mug cupboard?!?!

Yoga Pants or Jeans

It depends on the day. I'd say I generally prefer jeans unless I'm hanging around the house the whole day. Or if I'm really tired, but then I'd rather just keep my pjs on!

Zoo or Aquarium
Aquarium. I've never been a big zoo person and, honestly, our safari ruined zoos for me forever.
We really need to go visit the aquarium again...

I hope you enjoyed reading this and, as I said above, let me know if you decide to answer these questions.


  1. Love this and definitely doing it. Surprised by your indifference to pancakes. I’ve never met a sole who didn’t like pancakes! I’m so with you on cookies vs cake. I think Oreos trump literally anything.

  2. Yes, I am also shocked to hear about your dislike of pancakes. What kind of monster are you??! Who would eat SALAD instead of a PANCAKE?!?! I'm rethinking our whole relationship right now, to be honest. ;)

  3. I would totally do this if I was still blogging. Love it!

  4. YAY!!!!! You played along! How fun! Ryan and I were just talking about nose piercings this past week. I told him I actually like them - but good nelly. We do NOT need to draw any more attention to this nose of mine, so I won't be getting one. (I also know one person whose nose piercing wasn't quite high enough and you can see the backing inside her nose. I always think she has a booger! LOL! That would so happen to me!)

  5. I'm going to do this, so fun!


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