Thursday, March 01, 2018

Disney Cruise: That Time We Let Our Inner Pirates Out

The night we left Nassau, the ship celebrated Pirate Night. We had bought pirate costumes for Sam and Rachel to take with them and Dave and I figured we would just make do. If you guys ever decide to do a Disney cruise, take note: Some of the adult costumes were incredible. I was surprised to see so many adults in pirate gear.
One of our awesome Fish Extender gifts was a selection of tattoos, pirate necklaces, and eye patches for Pirate Night so we spent some time in our stateroom getting all decked out. It was really fun!
We have some fierce pirates in our family!
Even Minnie was in pirate gear, as were many of the other characters. It was so much fun!
Sadly, these pictures caused the only disagreement between Dave and I on the entire cruise. The line up was long (twenty minutes) and they started late. The kids really wanted to meet Chip and Dale and get their autographs and Dave didn't want to be late for dinner. I told him to go to dinner and the kids and I would meet him. It was a frustrating situation to be in but the only other time we were going to be able to meet Chip and Dale would have been after 10 at night, which was way too late. I think next time, I would try to plan our character meetings a little better so we won't have this issue again.
I don't know if I've mentioned this already but we ate dinner in the same restaurant as the previous night but all the restaurants that night had the same pirate themed menu.
We got a picture of Sam and Rachel with Brian and Jesus, our servers for the cruise. They rotated restaurants with us each night. On pirate night, they led the kids around the restaurant and they did the limbo. It was so fun!
After supper it was time for the Pirate Party on the pool deck. (They covered the pool when there were parties.) Can you spot Sam and Rachel in the picture below?!?!? Hint: They are on the right.
The party was surprisingly fun for the adults as well (it might have been the 80s music they were playing) until...
...Captain Hook and his band of nasty pirates invaded. Boooo :(
But then Mickey swooped in to save the day! Yay! And then there were fireworks off the side of the boat.
The show this night was an illusionist and a magician, but we were exhausted so we decided to skip it and just go to bed instead.
When we got to our stateroom this guy was there to greet us. We laughed sooo hard! Rachel LOVED that he was wearing her sunglasses and swimsuit bottoms. Our stateroom host really outdid himself on this towel animal!

*You can read about the first part of Day 4 here.

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  1. THAT TOWEL ANIMAL! Drunk emily would’ve peed her pants at that one too! They truly are artists with those towels.


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