Thursday, October 02, 2014

Special Invitation

Once a year, our region does a "Doors Open" day and you get to explore places you wouldn't normally get to see. In past years we've visited the airport and the police station. This year we checked out Dave's work, an apple farm which processes the apples as well, and the School Of Optometry at the university. It was a lot of fun.
Dave got a kick out of seeing Sam and Rachel sitting at the table where he has been for numerous meetings!
Both of these staircases are over a hundred years old. They were steep and narrow.
After hanging out in this hammock on the patio, just off the games room, I am starting to doubt that Dave actually does any work at all at this place! I would love to spend a day here, lounging in the sun and reading.
Dave's workplace used to be a tannery, and when it was rehabbed, they kept much of the old structure. They also kept this sign!

Next we headed off to a local apple farm, where apple samples were on the menu.
It was really neat to see the plant, and all the machinery, which processes the apples. They get washed, sorted, and packed in boxes to be sold at local grocery stores all winter long. I was glad, on one hand, that the processing plant wasn't operating that day because it was nice and quiet. On the other hand, it would have been interesting to see everything in action.

I enjoyed taking some Fall pictures around the farm. I was looking for a new Facebook cover photo and I had a hard time choosing which one to use.

After the apple farm, it was off to the School of Optometry at the university.
I really liked their entrance.
Eye candy!
Sam and Rachel liked hanging out by the big eye and Dave, Sam, and I (eye?!?) got pictures taken of our eyes. Supposedly they will be sending the pictures to us but they haven't yet, or I would post my picture. It just looks like a topographical map and it's kind of interesting, but not at all gross.

We always have a great time at Doors Open and we can't wait to see what's open next year!


  1. This always looks like so much fun. I love that Dave got to see his kiddos at his meeting table. =) Did the apples smell heavenly??? The eye candy cracks me up!

  2. I think this is such a fun idea! It reminds me a bit of the field trips we used to go on in elementary school, but love that they also give access to families for a similar experience.


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