Thursday, October 09, 2014

Project 364: Days 271 Through 280

September 29, 2014 -- We watched Willem and Tessa while Tim and Janice made a quick trip out of town. Pizza for everyone was on the menu!
September 30, 2014 -- As a thank you for watching their kids, Tim and Janice brought us all these Trader Joe's treats! Words cannot describe our excitement :)
October 1, 2014 -- Sam checked out a paper while we delivered flyers.
October 2, 2014 -- This picture documents two things. 1) I still don't know when not to use my "portrait setting" and 2) Sam's first official night of LOGOS. Too bad it's a horribly blurry picture of Sam and the kids' names on the sign (which I blurred out for privacy) were clear as anything.
October 3, 2014 -- Rachel ate a sour cream sandwich (her own concoction) for supper. Yuck.
October 4, 2014 -- I celebrated a friend's birthday. The chocolate cake on the right was AMAZING. I may, or may not, have had two pieces.
October 5, 2014 -- I took no pictures this day. I'd been fighting a cold all week and it really was going strong on Sunday. I felt too awful to do pretty much anything. Okay, I did watch seven episodes of Gilmore Girls but I don't really think that counts as "doing something."

October 6, 2014 -- This is our house. Every day at about 4:00 pm. Or whenever I say, "No!" to Rachel. Which is about seventy times a day. I think this specific tantrum was because I wouldn't let her rip up a bill I had to pay. I'm so unreasonable.
October 7, 2014 -- Rachel adores getting her hair cut. She was enjoying the mirror!

October 8, 2014 -- Sam was having fun with the bath paints. I was pretty impressed with his art considering he was drawing upside down! If you can't see what he drew, I'll give you a hint. He has two faces :)


  1. The 4pm tantrum picture is funny. And to think that you probably had to get down on the floor with her to get that angel is even funnier. Sounds like something I would do. :) (wait, keep crying...I'm going to get the camera)
    The other day I couldn't find our phone bill. I just paid it online and sent them a few dollars extra. Then, a few days later I found that Lance had put it away in a box that I keep on the kitchen

  2. Lincoln was mad today because I wouldn't let him tear up the coupons I was going to use while we were at the store...toddlers. Sigh. I haven't been to Trader Joe's in a long time....that picture made me very jealous....and hungry.....and then I saw R's sour cream sandwich and I suddenly wasn't hungry anymore! Haha! ��

  3. Wooooo getting paid in Trader Joe's is DEFINITELY the way to go!! I mean...I only live 15 miles away from one and yet I would consider that a humongous treat!!! And also, the thought of a sour cream sandwich makes me gag.

  4. Sour cream sandwiches....I think we won't be trying those. Oh the three year-old tantrum! Karsyn treated us all to one this morning. =)

  5. Trader Joe's goodies...yum!!! Sour cream sandwiches...yikes!!! That Rachel cracks me up! Her and Brody are going to get along great. He loves sour cream and will scoop it out with his fingers and eat it by itself when we go eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant where his daddy always request a side of sour cream with his food. :-) And oh the tantrums for no apparent reason...sigh. Brody loves him some paper too. When we go out to a restaurant and get the bill, he always wants one of the copies and will cry/whine until he gets it. "I want a piece of paper to put in my pocket!" Haha! You always remind me with these posts about things I need to write down and remember about my kids. :-)


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