Thursday, October 16, 2014

Neither Greece Nor Georgia

When Erika found out we were traveling this past weekend, she commented that she assumed we were going to Athens. I think she meant the one near her, in Georgia. I told Dave about this conversation and, since it was only five minutes out of our way, guess where we ended up?
Can you spot the gnomes hidden in the garden?
It turns out that that the people who named the towns and cities in New York state were either not imaginative (Rome, Verona, Waterloo, Paris, Amsterdam, Lyons) or too imaginative (Schenectady, Horseheads, Fishs Eddy, Fish Kill, Skaneateles). By the way, "Fishs Eddy" inspired a good fifteen minutes of (late night) conversation between Dave and I about if it was missing an apostrophe or spelled incorrectly. After all, Fisha Eddy makes much more sense, right?!?!?

Anyways, where was I going with this post again... Oh yes, to Athens! The one in New York. It was a cute little village, with lots of beautiful flowers, and a diner right on the river.
After lunch we crossed the street to frolic in the park, check out the action on the Hudson, and lose the lens cap for our camera. It landed perfectly on the boardwalk and rolled all the way into the river. The kids were amused. I wasn't.
We ended our visit with a quick walk around town, wished we could visit again for "Athens' Great Pumpkin Parade," and continued on our way.
I love the world of blogging. If it weren't for Erika's comment, we wouldn't have had this great adventure. I also probably wouldn't have lost my lens cap, but I don't think the blog world can be held responsible for that one!


  1. Yeah, don't blame me for the lens cap!!! Annnnd yeah I totally cringed when I saw "Fishs Eddy." I could never go there. That Athens looks really cute- but life won't be complete til you check out the REAL Athens!!! ;)

  2. Athens looks like such a peaceful place! I'm sorry about your lens cap. That totally stinks! You might check on Amazon to replace it. I've recently purchased several things for my camera from there for way cheaper than I expected.

    The town names in New York do sound crazy. Oklahoma has some really crazy names too. No one outside of our area knows how to pronounce our town's name. It's not even the craziest though. There is a consolidated school district called Oologah-Talala that always cracks the kids up. There are also some really funny names in southern Louisiana. Listening to Jason try to say them last summer cracked me up.

  3. Those gnomes look remarkably similar to Sam and Rachel. Haha! Athens, NY definitely looks like your kind of town with all the pretty flowers and just laid back and relaxing feel. Part of me has always kind of wanted to live in one of those small New England towns (kind of like the one on Gilmore Girls, right?). :-)


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