Thursday, April 17, 2014

We Went On An Adventure!

On Tuesday morning we toured Hobbiton, the set from the movies where the outdoor Hobbiton scenes were filmed. Ironically, the set, located on a private sheep farm, was supposed to be dismantled when filming was finished after the first three (Lord Of The Rings) movies. However, severe weather intervened and the crew had to leave the set partially constructed. Neighbours started coming over and asking for tours and so the family eventually worked out an arrangement to keep the set permanently installed for tours for the public. There are 44 different hobbit holes at varying sizes and the attention to detail is incredible. It was pretty cool to see everything and we even got to have drinks at The Green Dragon. And now behold, Hobbiton!
The party field where Bilbo had his 111th birthday party.
Sam Gamgee's house
The Green Dragon
I made Dave wear some authentic clothing while he drank his ale :)

*To read about the second part of Day 12, go here.


  1. How much fun! Jason would LOVE to visit Hobbiton. Looks like ya'll really enjoyed yourselves!

  2. Love it! I've never even seen the Lord of the Rings...might need to now! :)

  3. So unlike Rivendell, this part looks EXACTLY like the movies! I have to agree that this is my favorite part of New Zealand now. I know, I am weird. I just think the world would be a pretty cool place if everyone lived in hobbit holes. Awww, the simple life! ;-)

  4. This is so awesome! I'm glad that they were able to keep this up, and I know I've loved to be able to visit myself someday!


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