Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There's No Place Like Home

We're home! We've been home since about 8am on Friday. We handed out presents, and then, since we had spent two nights on the plane and were absolutely exhausted, we went to bed for a nap. I was so groggy for the rest of the day and could not wait to get to sleep that night. I slept for twelve hours and felt so much better on Saturday.
It was a good thing too because Sam had plans about putting out carrots and milk for the Easter Bunny, so the Easter Bunny had to make a quick trip to the store to stock up. I also did five loads of laundry and we hung out outside for a while because, while we were gone, all our snow melted and Spring arrived!

Sadly, on Saturday night, jet lag hit and I couldn't fall asleep until almost 4am. Blah. After about four hours of sleep I wasn't so bright eyed and bushy tailed but I tried. The fact that Easter Sunday was a gorgeous day helped a lot.
Rachel showing off her Easter dress.
We tried to get some pictures after church.
I really like this one even though Dave is the only one looking at the camera!
After lunch the kids headed outside to blow (and chase!) bubbles. It was so sunny and we were out for about three hours. I LOVED it!
My mom put some of the kids' Easter chocolates in some plastic eggs and hid them all over the yard. Sam and Rachel had a blast looking for them. Sam found the eggs a lot quicker than Rachel but we made sure they each got an equal amount of chocolate.
Let the Easter Egg Hunt begin!
The kids had so much fun my mom ended up hiding some empty eggs but the kids were not so impressed with that. Then Sam started "pre-finding" the eggs for Rachel which consisted of him finding an egg, emptying it of its chocolate and then putting it back for Rachel to find! We quickly put a stop to that game :)

As we were sitting around and Sam was trying to convince my mom to hide the eggs for a "front hunt" (a hunt for eggs in our front yard), my mom remembered how much she had loved setting up treasure hunts for us as kids. So we wrote out a ten clue treasure hunt for Sam and Rachel. I was so impressed that Sam could read almost all of the clues.
And they're off!
Finding a clue (left) and sharing its contents with Rachel (right).

After the treasure hunt, but before supper, we went on a walk around the block. Rachel was actually starting to get the hang of pedaling her tricycle but got tired before the block was over. Sam is quite proficient on his scooter!
We stopped in our friends' driveway for a quick break and Sam decided to "get some exercise" by running around the parked bikes. Crazy kid!

And that was our weekend. I'm still pretty tired but mixed in with the jet lag is the good tired from spending so much time outdoors. I love it!


  1. Glad yall are home!! And Sam is cracking me up!! I can't imagine stopping my exercise to get some more exercise!! ;)

  2. Glad you guys made it home to no snow! Yay!!!! Sounds like a great Easter. I love both of your family pictures! It looks like you all had a great Easter Sunday afternoon. Lots of fun!

  3. Welcome back! And welcome spring - finally!

  4. Welcome home! Love the Easter pictures. We blew bubbles outside after church too!

  5. Yay spring! Hope your jet lag isn't too brutal. I won't tell you how long mine took to kick when I came back!

    1. I would say mine took over two weeks. It was pretty brutal. Blah! And yes, I am still in a "Yay Spring!!!" kind of mood :)

  6. Love spring! Lincoln gets tired on "bike" rides as well! Hilarious how you had to buy yourself milk and carrots to eat ;) I am the Easter Bunny as well here- haha! Impressed with Sam's reading! Wow-zers!! :) (that may or may not really be a word...)

  7. Yay for Spring finally being here for you come home to! I was so lame this Easter since we had just returned from our vacation. I didn't even make the kids Easter baskets, but they didn't even notice. Sigh. Brody was really happy just playing with his plastic eggs anyway. Evan and Sam would get along so well since they both love riding their scooters more than bikes. Isn't it amazing when they really start picking up reading? It just seems like overnight it just clicks for them! :-)


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