Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Random Post Of Randomness And Some Insight Into My Brain

Can I be real here for a bit? (Not that I'm not normally "real" but I want to get "behind the scenes real.") I've been so grumpy these past few days I'm starting to get annoyed with myself. And I have no idea why. I mean, I'm still tired and part of it is probably post-vacation life. After you get back from vacation you should be allowed at least a week to "ease back into life." I didn't get that (probably nobody does) and so when people ask, "Did you do this yet?" I want to yell, "I'm still adjusting to not being on vacation. Give me a break!"

I'm frustrated that Dave still has to wear a splint which means he can't do dishes or give the kids baths. Or cook, because he also can't chop onions, open cans, or peel potatoes. I know that he's frustrated with that fact too but I'm the one who still has to do all the work. We're really REALLY REALLY hoping he gets out of his splint tomorrow. (But realistically I know that he won't go from having his wrist immobilized for six weeks to chopping onions so there's that too.)

I'm frustrated that my birthday is on Friday and anything I want to do involves a) good weather (it's supposed to rain until Monday), b) something Dave can't do with his wrist (trampolining and having him cook me a nice dinner), or c) celebrating with people who aren't available this weekend. I seriously just want to cancel my birthday this year because I'm so annoyed with the aforementioned limitations.

Plus I had a major cavity filled yesterday (my mouth was still sore eight hours later), and I have another one to look forward to in two weeks. Yay??? All this makes me alternate between wanting to throw things, crawl into bed and sleep for a day, or cry. It's been really pleasant times around here lately. Just ask Dave :)

On a positive, exciting (at least to me!) note, as of last night I am completely caught up on all the blog reading and commenting I missed while we were gone. Next order of blogging business -- responding to all the comments you all have left on our blog in the past six weeks!

And now for something completely different, I want to share some random pictures, just because I took them. Isn't that a great reason? (And isn't this post giving you more insight into my brain than you ever wanted?!?)
I was peeling potatoes last week and noticed
  I'd inadvertantly peeled a heart into this one.
Maybe I should become a Potato Peel Artist
 as surely there must be a call for those.
I made Earth Day cupcakes again last week. 
However since I wasn't paying attention as I put them in the muffin tins 
they look less like globes and more like half blue/half green cupcakes.

The day after Sam's birthday we made a quick trip to The Lego Store to buy him some Lego for his present. He wanted to stay and play and we told him that it wasn't a good time but after we got back from New Zealand we would go back after church, since it's just a one minute drive away. So we did. However first we had to order lunch. And then we had to wait for it. Various members of my family handled that with varying degrees of difficulty and grace.
Exhibit A: Dave
Exhibit B: Sam
Exhibit C: Rachel
This picture makes me laugh Every. Single. Time!!!


  1. No, they look like The Earth After A Few More Years of Global Warming cupcakes!!! Hahahaha I am hilarrrrrrious.... ;) And I'd be totally mad about all those circumstances surrounding/impeding my birthday, too!!

  2. Oh goodness! I'm sorry you've had a rough go of things. Maybe Dave can take you out for your birthday. I mean, you should not have to cook or wash dishes on your birthday. =) I love your Earth Day cupcakes.

  3. I am grumpy too today...again we prove we live the same life! Sell the potato on e-bay!! Millions of dollars is a helpful cure for grumpiness!! (at least I dream in my head it would be a great cure!! hah!)

  4. Ugh, I know how you feel. I've been feeling grumpy too a lot lately. Sigh. Maybe it's all the rain? Hey, when all else fails, blame the weather! I hope you are feeling better today as no one should have to feel grumpy on their birthday. I hope Dave's sweet blog post cheered you right up. If I know him, he will find a way (even crippled with one hand) to make your day special. :-)


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