Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Spring Poem

 Spring has sprung,
 And laundry is hung
outside again!


  1. Wooo!!! I must say, I've been channeling my inner Natasha this week. Our dryer is broken and I'm having to lay all my clothes to dry. We don't have a clothesline, so I'm just using a drying rack in the kitchen or bathroom...and it's super obnoxious. We will be replacing the dryer ASAP, but in the meantime...jealous of your clothesline, which looks way less obnoxious than my constantly-collapsing drying rack!!! But how do you keep your clothes from being all crunchy when they're dry?? Some stuff feels fine after it air dries, but some of my things are like...yech. Crunchy.

  2. My clothes are drying happily in the dryer right now, but I have the same question as Erika for the few clothes I DO line dry... and because when I lived abroad in Spain, our host mom dried all of our clothes on a line and they definitely came back crunchy!

  3. Your post almost makes me want to line dry our clothes, but just almost. BTW, you look super cute in your apron and flannel shirt.

  4. Haha! Only you get so much joy out of doing laundry. :-)


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