Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Rest Of Our Weekend Was Actually Pretty Good!

So despite the disaster of Friday and Saturday (during the day), the rest of the weekend was much better. On Saturday night Dave and I had a date night at Mongolian Grill. (Mongolian Grill is a make-your-own-stirfry restaurant.) We waited in line for about half the time, just waiting for our meals to get cooked, but since we didn't have the kids, we just enjoyed it and took lots of pictures, experimenting with various camera settings. Ha!
various meals being made
left: cleaning the grill; right: my food before it was cooked
Then Dave and I bought a few groceries and wandered around Chapters for a bit. It was a very relaxing evening.

On Sunday Dave played guitar at the Sunday School assembly (About sixty kids from aged 2 to Grade 6 meet together to sing songs, collect offering and hear the Bible Story before going to their classrooms for a response time.), I told the Bible Story, and then after church I stayed for a youth-mentor lunch. I finally got home around 2:30 and Rachel woke up around 4. We then spent about an hour outside getting things ready for winter. Our picnic table and BBQ are put away, the lawn has been mowed, we weeded some raised beds and generally cleaned up the yard. It was a great day to be outside and I really enjoyed the relaxed family hanging out time.
I don't usually post the same pictures here as I do on Instagram but I'm making an exception for these two. Rachel, pushing her baby in the stroller while in her church clothes and rain boots, was making me laugh. And Sam was having a good time picking berries off the hedge and throwing them into the empty sandbox. Like I said, it was just some good outside time.

I finished up the weekend with book club (yes, I was out four nights in a row over the kids' bedtime) and then I stayed up way too late reading the book for our next meeting. Which isn't until the end of October. But I really got into the book. If it continues to be good I will do a review of it.


  1. Well I'm glad to know the weekend redeemed itself and my heart is so happy seeing restaurant pictures! Looks GOOD!!!!!!!

    1. Mongolian Grill was AMAZING! I highly recommend it. And the best part is, you are your own chef!

  2. Glad the rest of your weekend was better! Sounds like such a nice day.

  3. Mongolian Grill...yummmm!!! That looks so good...can you tell it is lunch time here and I am hungry? Haha! But isn't it funny how much more we can appreciate those relaxing dinners out without kids where we don't even mind the wait? *Sigh* I am so glad you "reposted" the pics from instagram because I just don't get on there enough and hadn't seen them. I was really going to try to be a better instagrammer...haha! I can't even wait for you to do a post about your new yard. I feel like I haven't seen very much of it yet. :-)


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