Wednesday, September 04, 2013

His Bags Are Packed, He's Ready To Go

So today is Sam's first full day of school. In Ontario, the school system is transitioning to full day, every day, Junior Kindergarten for all kids who turn four in that calendar year. Since Sam turned four this past March, off he goes. We went yesterday morning for about forty minutes and met his teacher and a few other assistants who will be in his classroom. Sam did fine and made a new friend. I cried my way through two Kleenexes.

Today he goes for a full day, including two "nutrition breaks." Yes, we also do two "nutrition breaks" instead of one lunch hour. (As far as I know the full day kindergarten and the two "nutrition breaks" are unique to Ontario and not necessarily a Canadian thing.) Sam will get to eat from 11:10-11:30 and then again from 1:50-2:10. So this means that I get to pack two lunches (without any peanut products*) instead of one. Pictured below is my first ever attempt at school lunches and Sam's two-sided lunch bag. For break one he gets leftover KD, tuna and peas and a homemade (not by me) chocolate chip cookie. For break two he gets a hard-boiled egg, a cucumber and a second cookie. I'm not going to post every lunch I make for him but this feels like a momentous occasion.
Here is Dave reading through all the school forms. Our favourite line thus far has been "Even if there are tears, your child's teacher will ask you to say goodbye at the door [of the school rather than at the classroom]. Any tears that may fall are sure to dissolve shortly after the children get into the classroom, and they see all the fun in store for them!" Dave and I both said, "What about our tears? When do they dissolve?!?!?"
Tune in later today for Sam's first day of school pictures.

*Peanut products are banned in lunches in most of Canada. Some schools even ban "peanut butter substitutes" because they look too much like peanut butter. Have I mentioned before that Sam eats a peanut butter sandwich for lunch about four out of five days a week? It will be fun to try and pack healthy lunches for him when I can't send the one thing I know he will reliably eat. (And I know this is a problem many parents face.)


  1. Oh man, I do NOT envy you for having to make 2 lunches every day, especially without using peanut butter - that is brutal! Hopefully you will figure out a few combos that work and can just rotate them :)

  2. Oh, I remember those no peanut days when I volunteered at Parents Morning Out. One time I packed a granola bar that had them....ugh!

  3. While I am not laughing at your tears AT ALL, your "what about our tears?" line did make me giggle.

    WOW - that is a strict PB rule! I have heard around here that some schools stopped using PB, but I haven't heard of it being banned from even being carried in. That's a hard rule for a pb lover. {I eat it five days a week for breakfast, so I get his pain.}

    Can't wait to hear how it went!!

    1. The "What about our tears?" line makes me laugh. Now!

      And yeah, thankfully Sam seems to be doing okay without his peanut butter but I still miss not being able to pack it for him.

  4. This is so exciting! Although I know it is hard work, I think the two nutrition breaks is a great idea. Go Ontario! With those long school days and early lunches, kids are often starving by the time they get home. Two smaller meals will help Sam get through his day with lots of energy. I know the pains of no PB well although luckily Brody's school hasn't banned it although they might if a kid had an allergy to it since that one is so dangerous. I can't wait to see pics from the first day! :-)

  5. Wow! So much to learn when they transition to going to school!


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