Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Just Like Mom. Almost.

The other day as I was making supper, Sam and Rachel had a tea party. It was a clear indication that they really are my kids and that children act out what they see at home. Although I'm pretty sure I've never burst into tears when my hostess poured me too big a cup of tea, nor have I ever tried to shove a friend off a chair. I also don't think I've ever needed to be distracted from a "too much tea" incident by someone taking funny pictures of me with their camera. Except for all those things though, it was just like when my friends and I have tea.


  1. I don't have NEVER pushed a guest off a chair???? ;) Sounds like fun to me! Love your sweet kids and the fun they have!

    1. I'll have to try pushing a guest off a chair sometime. It could be fun...!

  2. Sam really looks like Dave in that last photo for some reason :-)

  3. Oh how cute!! I love the first picture especially! =)

  4. Looks like K & L with their tea party! I love how they are playing cooperative activities lately. (Or maybe I should say "interacting"....maybe not necessarily cooperatively...hah!)
    I want to be a virtual member of your book club!! What are you reading now?

  5. Love the tea set and the pictures!


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