Monday, September 23, 2013

See Below For This Post's Title

The actual title of this post is "Things Which Happened This Weekend Which I Don't Want To Forget, Except For That Some Of Them I Do Want To But Probably Shouldn't." It was too long to fit up above.

Mostly the weekend was really good, although a little busy. Our weekend started off with Sam being too sick to go to school on Friday and throwing up on me while I was holding him. Number One Thing To Not Forget: If Sam has been lying on the couch, without moving, for two hours and suddenly wants me to hold him, he likely needs to throw up. Get him to a sink pronto!
These are the flowers I bought on Thursday to congratulate myself for surviving two days of sick, non-sleeping Rachel. I had lots of time to admire them on Friday while taking care of Sam. Ha!

That night I ran to Wal-Mart because Sam had finished off all the applesauce in the house and wanted more. Cookies were on sale. I bought three bags to share at Sew Be It that night. But there was a lot of other food and so I came home with two and a half bags of cookies. I have now been eating way more cookies than I should because, hey! They are here and need to be eaten anyways. (In fact, I'm scattering Oreo crumbs all over the computer as I type this post.) Number Two Thing To Not Forget: Just because cookies are on sale doesn't mean you need to buy out the store. (Or maybe I should forget this one???)

On Saturday, our community had its Doors Open Event. Last year we got to check out our local airport but this year Dave had to work. I decided it would be a brilliant idea to go on my own with the kids to check out a mosque and our new police station. Sam was super-psyched about it. There was a "half hour" wait to get a tour of the police station. I decided the kids (and I!) could handle it and settled in. Finally about forty-five minutes later it was our turn. Number Three Thing To Not Forget: When someone says the wait time is "half an hour", double it and then DON'T WAIT.

Sam was very interested in everything and really listened to the (quite adult-focused) tour. Rachel on the other hand ran in and out of the interview rooms, tried to press buttons on the breathalyzer computer, wanted to open every drawer in the offices and screamed her head off when I tried to carry her. After about fifteen minutes I gave up and asked if I could leave the tour with the kids. That was fine except, since we were in a secured area, we had to be escorted out by a sargeant. I was completely mortified. Number Four Thing To Not Forget: Don't attempt a tour of the police station on my own with a toddler who is bored and uncooperative.

You think I would have learned my lesson about toddlers and tours (I sense a reality TV show in the making here!) but there is a reason I am writing this blog post. Sam was completely bummed about leaving the police station early (think, silent-tears-coursing-down-his-cheeks-disappointed) and really wanted to go to the mosque. So I said we would stop and see. That tour started off with food which was awesome. And then our tour guide was very informative about Islam. Very informative. After about twenty minutes Rachel started rolling around on the rug, pushing chairs everywhere and running in circles and giggling. Big sigh. We left the mosque early too. Number Five Thing To Not Forget: Don't make the same mistake twice.

Then we went home and all had naps/quiet time/ate cookies and life got much better. Number Six Thing To Not Forget: Cookies make everything better. Which kind of negates Thing Number Two.

And because this blog post is already pretty long I'm going to write about the rest of our weekend tomorrow.


  1. Hey, I commend you for trying the tours with 2 kiddos! I (obviously) had a hard enough time with 1 kid by myself on Saturday, so you were extra brave for going it with 2 :)

  2. Brave orrrrrr crazy. I'm not sure which. :) But I commend you on your cookie purchases-- well done!!

  3. Oh no! I hear ya. And don't worry at all about those cookies. :)

  4. Awe, I knew this would be a good story! :-) You really need to give yourself more credit for being so brave to attempt such an outing on your own. I have had these instances of "bravery" too and did sort of regret it in the short-term, but I guess looking back I'm glad that I tried it. It really helps you see what you are truly capable of. But yes, chasing a wild toddler around strange and crowded places is a big endeavor! Ha!

  5. You make me laugh so hard that I snort! lol : )

  6. Sounds like fun! Lol! Oh, I've been there too. =) Keep trying the outings on your own. I promise, they do get easier. Hope after all of that, you have a nice relaxing night. Enjoy an Oreo for me.

  7. Natasha, you have me in STITCHES! I mean I really am sorry it was such a rough time - but your delivery is HILARIOUS.

    And as you might guess, you are my hero for handling the puke saga. You deserved 8 bouquets of flowers for that alone.

    Speaking of the flowers, those were gorgeous. Absolutely stunning.

    And cookies DO make everything better. Period.

    1. Thank you for all your compliments. One thing I like about blogging is you can be like "This day completely sucked and here's why" or you can try and look on the funny side of things. I would have loved to get 8 bouquets of flowers for dealing with the puke saga. Who's in charge of sending those to me?! :)


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