Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunday Morning Shenanigans

Since we had some time before church yesterday morning I thought I would attempt to get a picture of Sam and Rachel on the first day of Sunday School. For Rachel, this was her first day of Sunday School ever! I also had a secret yearning to get a photo for a new blog header. However the kids were in a silly mood. As I was looking at all the pictures last night I was struck by how Sam and Rachel had similar poses or expressions in many of the pictures. Check it out. I think they just might be siblings :)
Then as we were leaving church, a few kids discovered the apples on the apple tree. Sam took off to join them in picking apples. He carefully selected apples for me and Dave. I loved seeing all the kids hanging out, picking and eating apples. I just love our church community so much and I'm so happy that we are back in the swing of things with Sunday School and all the Fall activities starting up.


  1. I love how they are doing the same pose. How cute! I would love to get a great picture of my kiddos together - it doesn't happen often. It is so cool that your church has an apple tree! I'm ready for fall things too!!!

  2. AH!! Those pictures are SO awesome!! My favorites are the two where they're kicking their legs out, and the larger centered one where they're looking at the camera and leaning in the same direction-- SO precious!!!

  3. Awe, great shots of the kiddos! I love Rachel's pigtails! Yep, they are definitely related. Haha! Oh and I love the tile on the front just adds to the charm. Sam, pick one of those yummy apples for me! :-)

  4. Great pictures, and you can see the similarities!


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