Friday, October 22, 2021

Three Things

I sometimes see posts where bloggers write three things about each of their family members. I decided it was time to give you an update on us so here are three things about each of us.


1) Rachel is really loving Conqueror challenges (virtual walks) and has just taken on her longest one to date. She's already earned two other medals as she is highly motivated.

2) When we were at the library about a month ago, we ran into friends and they introduced Rachel to Playaways. They are an audio book and Rachel is loving them. She often listens to them as she draws or is falling asleep.

3) Rachel has really been working to improve her flexibility. Her latest goal is to be able to do oversplits and she has been practicing them a lot.


1) Sam is loving middle school, especially being able to take the school bus. He has been great about getting up and out the door every morning for 8:05.

2) Sam has been taking Torah reading lessons with Dave's dad. Reading the Torah is complicated because it is written in Hebrew letters and has no vowels or punctuation. Sam has been doing this for a few months now and really enjoys it.

3) Sam is using his phone for more than just games as he has texted me items to add to the grocery list (olives and kiwi) and checked the weather app a few times. (For those of you who don't know, I've been the main checker of weather in our house for years now so I love that Sam is starting to do this independently!)


1) Dave is the chair of the Religious School at the synagogue. He is thrilled that classes are finally up and running, even if he makes up half the teaching staff and classes are only running every other week at this point. They are meeting in person and so far things seem to be going well.

2) Dave is also thrilled that the rest of us are leaving the house for significant chunks of every day so he can more fully concentrate on work. Part B is that Dave is happy he can still work from home in his pajamas and not have to go into the office :)

3) I brought home a Rubik's cube for Sam a few weeks ago and Dave is excited that he's figured out how to solve it in seven easy steps!


1) Lately I've been getting massages every four weeks and I am LOVING that! After being in a sporadic routine with massages thanks to Covid lock downs, it feels so good to be back on a regular schedule!

2) I hate backing out of commitments but I resigned from my wider church position this fall. Ideally I would have held that position for another two years but I wasn't expecting to get almost full-time permanent hours at work and something had to give. It's not that this position took so much time, but I just needed some extra space in my schedule.

3) Our matching family pajama company just came out with their theme for this year and I am so excited to order them!!! Sadly, Dave is taking a stand and not getting a pair (he doesn't like the pants), but the kids and I are eagerly looking forward to our pjs arriving. They are really fun this year!


  1. I have not written this kind of update in awhile but I always enjoy them!

  2. Oh I can't wait to see your pajamas!! Yeah!

  3. How fun that Sam is learning to read Torah!!

  4. Massages are the best! You deserve them :)

  5. Love this fun update about your family! I can't wait to see your PJs and I'm so glad you are taking care of yourself both by getting massages and by withdrawing from commitments. It's so hard to say no to things but it's so good to make space in our schedule (for the record, I am HORRIBLE at this so I need to learn from you).


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